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Beat The Moody Weather With These Budge-Proof Makeup Hacks

The rainy season is here, and yet, it’s still that same hot, and humid weather. One moment, it’s sweltering heat, and the next, it’s pouring rain! Season’s fluctuations are a sure source of frustration, which is why the last thing you need to worry about is how your makeup looks—so we’re here to help!

With sweat and water being the primary disturbances throughout the day, you need to modify your beauty routine to make your makeup wear resistant. You don’t necessarily have to get new products, some of which is just a matter of layering, or combining some things you already have. Yes, it does mean adding a little more time to get ready, but if you really need to make that look last longer, here are some tricks to help you out.


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Set Those Eyes

If you have oily eye lids, this trick will be a godsend to you! Lightly damping your brush with contact lens solution, or eye drops, will intensify your eyeshadow pigment, and make it crease resistant all day. This works best for shimmering eyeshadows.


BYS Synthetic Eyeshadow Brush 



Get That Rosy Flush

Have you ever been disappointed with how quickly your blush seems to disappear after a few hours? Double the intensity by using cream blush and add longevity to your makeup.

BYS Créme Blush



Layer Up

Time to overhaul those complexion necessities. This works best with long-lasting base sets, like the BYS All-Day Wear Foundation and All-Day Wear Concealer. Plus, with skin-loving ingredients like Argan Oil, Vitamin E, Hyaluronic Acid and a dose of SPF 20, the BYS All-Day Wear line is there to give your skin some nourishment throughout the day.

BYS All Day Wear Foundation 

BYS All Day Wear Concealer


Once you have those creams and liquids down, quickly set with a matching powder like the BYS  All-Day Wear Pressed Powder. That way you get additional coverage, and a smudge-proof foundation base.

BYS All Day Wear Pressed Powder



Spritz Away!

Most people will swear by the power of a setting spray to add extra hours to their makeup, which it truly does. But did you know you can also layer up the setting spray? After you’ve done your foundation and concealer, give your face a quick spritz of the setting spray before patting on the face powder. Once you’re done, add another spritz of setting spray to your whole look. Guaranteed your makeup will stay in place come rain or shine!

BYS HD Setting Spray


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Products and photos are courtesy of BYS Cosmetics, Philippines