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Beauty Investments For Every Professional


Every lady boss knows the importance of proper hygiene and looking your best at all times, but with so many beauty treatments and products coming out, it’s hard to pick the ones that will keep up with your hustling life. From skincare, to hair styling, and makeup tips, we break it down on what every career-driven professional should consider.


All About The Skin

Choosing the right skin products, and buying them, that's the easy part. Sticking to a daily routine–is where you need to commit. Lack of time is no longer a valid excuse to neglect your skin, especially with the all-in-one products available in the market now.  


Your daily regimen should include facial wash, makeup remover, toner, moisturizer, and sunblock. Facial masks and DIY peels should be in your weekly checklist. Exfoliate every month, or you can also opt for facial treatments from your trusted derma clinic.



Makeup Musts

No need for that elaborate contour and smokey eye (unless you want to!). A well-kept pair of brows and a killer pout is all you need to show everyone that you’ve got everything under control--or almost everything.



Mane Treats

Styling your hair every day is a never-ending challenge, but with the right hair care products and treatments done once in a while (or regularly, if you have the luxury of time), this won’t be such a burden.

Prevent hair damage and treat your crowning glory as you do your skin. Aside from the usual shampoo and conditioner, you might want to try the overnight hair mask or the anti-pollution treatment that’s sweeping the Asian beauty markets. Don’t forget those hair fix tools to keep your locks in place all day.




This article was originally published as “Top Of Your Game” by Anzenne Roble, in Metro Magazine October 2016 issue.