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Beauty Trick Alert: How To Wear Lipstick As Eyeshadow

Take a look at your beauty stash and think, what if you could magically multiply the number of products around in there—and the number of looks you can create with them? Sounds cool, right? Well, turns out you kind of really can. In today’s world of multi-tasking makeup, products that do double (or triple) duty are very practical to have. A bronzer as an eyeshadow? A cheek stain as a lipstick? Yes, please!



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One of the most popular multi-tasking makeup tricks that we’ve been seeing makeup artists do nowadays is using a lipstick as eyeshadow. At first, the idea of putting lipstick on your lids may seem weird, but on second thought, it actually makes perfect sense! A lipstick’s saturated color would surely last much longer than your eyeshadow, and a lipstick's hydrating formula would guarantee crease-free wear. 

Just to make sure, we brought the idea up to pro makeup artist Xyrene Eugenio—and she was totally on board. "It's so convenient and practical because you're using one product only. Plus, I find monochromatic makeup something extremely sophisticated." One pro tip we live by for applying eyeshadow is to make sure you put eye primer before anything else—this makes sure the color sits well and evenly all day. 

Keep scrolling for proof that putting lipstick on your eyes is a really, really good idea.


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