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Pro Makeup Artists Spill Their Best Tips For Age-Proofing Your Beauty Looks

In the world of social media beauty gurus and influencers, it often seems like everyone has flawless skin and Kardashian-level makeup skills. Thanks to them, the makeup look of our dreams are now within reach because of the timely tutorials and how-to videos they meticulously curate, serving as our guide and inspiration when it comes to all things beauty. 


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But it goes without saying—the challenge to look 100% good with makeup gets harder as we age. Unlike when the days of your youth were still around, makeup seemed to glide on better, stay on better, and effortlessly upgrade our looks, no matter how we put them on (with or without Youtube tutorial!)

Once a few lines or wrinkles begin to appear, it's truly time to change things up and go for products that are far more hardworking and heavy-duty. Techniques change, and patience is key. During this period, our skin changes in elasticity levels, which means the need to be even more careful with the cosmetic products we put on. This concern is way more important than ever before.


Photo: @intothegloss


But is there really such thing as too young or too old for makeup?

Just recently, Beauty Is Boring founder, Robin Black proved that age should never be a limitation on participating in the beauty world. In partnership with Allure, he offered a stunning collection of 12 gorgeously colorful, shiny, and vibrant makeup looks on women in their 50s and beyond. “Experimental phases can and should happen more than once in a lifetime, especially when it comes to beauty. After all, beauty standards are crumbling, trends are expanding, and if you've visited YouTube in 2019, you’ll see that makeup is kind of a huge deal.” 


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So if you're still confused and partly clueless about how to play things up when it comes to beauty at an older age,  we talked to two pro makeup artists we love—Albert Kurniawan (Heart Evangelista's go-to) and Jake Galvez (Kim Chiu's makeup artist du jour), and they shared some do’s and don’ts to make you look more youthful with every swipe!

From contouring your eyes up to the balancing of texture and color, they're here to help and sprinkle a little fairy beauty dust! Scroll further to see their top tips: 



"Our skin and muscle are going to sag by the time we get older. So DO find the new crease of your eyes because it will not be at the same place as to when you are younger. Here's a tip: Contour your eyes when your eyes are open so that you know where you should contour or place the crease color. By doing this, you will be able to keep the eyes look happy and younger."

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"Finding the right starting point and end point of your eyebrow is very important also, most especially for mature women. We want to give the illusion that the eyebrow is not droopy. So normally, I make the eyebrow shorter. By doing this, we create more space and people won’t notice that your eye creases are sagging."


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"Go for velvety matte textures (eyeshadow/blush/powder) to lessen the appearance of wrinkles. And if you're beyond 40, there’s one important thing everybody needs to know about textures: Shine brings out volume (highlighter and lip gloss) but it also emphasizes wrinkles. Unlike matte textures, it gives an illusion of a smoother finish."


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"Don’t be too excited when it comes to experimenting with make up—learn how to control. Know when to stop. Do not use colored and textured make up at the same time. When you get older, the lines and pores becomes more visible, so balancing texture and color are very important." 



"Don’t skip skincare products before make up. As we get older our metabolism gets slower too. Therefore, skin tends to react slower also to all the nutrients that we eat. And here, the role of skincare is really important as it makes the skin healthy and stronger to hold the make up longer."

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