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FAB OR FAD: Blush Blindness is Taking Over TikTok

Embrace the flush, feel the rush – is it buzzing or fussing?

Out with the old, in with the new. Bit of blush no more, you better add some more!

Just like flipping through a fashion mag, beauty trends switch up in a flash. And this round, it’s all about the blush. This latest trend of “blush blindness” has got beautytok junkies buzzing like bees (72.2M posts as of publishing), transforming cheeks into canvases of bold, unapologetic color. Whether on purpose to twin hard with the American pop star Sabrina Carpenter or simply by happenstance, this insatiable urge to go overboard has sparked the rise of such a phenomenon.

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While this online fixation is both a subject of cheers and jeers, one thing’s for sure–the majority of the beautytok community shares a common sentiment: If being a blush bandit is a crime, then we're guilty as charged! After all, in the world of blush blindness, too much is never enough.

Now, taking a closer peek, we’re diving into the trend of blush blindness–is it a fab new look designed to last, or just another fleeting fad?

But first, are you blush blind?

Blush blindness is when you go all Picasso on your face, boldly sweeping a blush over your cheeks, temples, and even across the nose, mimicking a natural flush one gets after a few drinks. If others put it, they no-holds-barred dab and stroke blush after blush to mirror that luminous sun-kissed look. The goal is to adorn our visages with nearly monochromatic blended hues, giving us that radiant allure glow with an extra pizzazz. But wait, how much extra is extra? Is it obsessing over applying excessive layers until you meet a mega-blush moment? Well, this is exactly what TikTok calls “blush blindness.”

But who cares, anyway? It’s a sorry not sorry thing for our fellow TikTokers, especially when the Espresso singer is at the top of the list. Often sporting the look on stage and public appearances, her Barbie doll-esque signature makeup with heavily blushed cheeks has inspired thousands of followers to replicate her style. Thanks to Sabrina’s stamp of approval, this trend has skyrocketed in popularity, becoming a go-to look for beauty enthusiasts.

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YAY: Why blush blindness is totally fab

As the beauty pendulum swings, the surge of blush blindness can be seen as a sassy comeback to the less-is-more makeup trends that have been ruling the beauty scene lately. With TikTok as the ultimate trendsetter, the blush bash takes on its algorithm whipping up attention-grabbing content. Because seriously, what’s more eye-catching than a face bathed in a rosy glow? It’s a matter of instant wow factor of snaps and reels, racking up those hearts and reposts–a total magnet for social media users aiming to level up their game and boost their profiles! Plus, we’re at the age where FOMO (aka fear of missing out) lurks, so it has never been easier for people to hop on the blush bandwagon.

The trend also calls for experimenting with various shades and intensities, breaking the rules of conventional makeup such as one blush brush at a time. Paving the way for a fearless and artsy style, it’s like a rebel who whispers to think outside the box when it comes to beauty and cosmetics. More than breaking norms, it’s a hot trend that suits any skin tone and can be rocked in various styles, from soft and romantic to bold and editorial.


is it blush blindness when you love overblushing? 👼🏼

♬ original sound - Sabrina Carpenter

NAY: Why blush blindness is just another fad

But as with many trends that rise to fame on mainstream or social media, this sensation's staying power is put into question. Laid cards on the table, not everyone is on board with the bold, full-blast blush look it promotes. Beauty is subjective, so while it’s all the rage right now, others might think it’s a bit too much. These love-it-or-hate-it trends tend to make a flashy entrance but can disappear just as quickly. Without a doubt, blush blindness makes for great online drama but it’s less practical for daily life. This whole makeup style might raise a few eyebrows in professional settings or among the more buttoned-up crowd.

Another factor contributing to its potential drawbacks is the necessity for a thorough grasp of color theory and blending techniques to achieve the ideal blush-blindness appearance without looking overdone. If you’re an average makeup enthusiast, you might need to pull off some gears to conquer that learning curve.

Lastly, ever heard of trend fatigue? Much like those viral TikTok beauty crazes, the trend of blush overkill is likely to see a rapid rise and fall. What’s hot today can be old news tomorrow. With so many new ideas constantly flooding the market, trends like blush blindness swiftly fade into the shadows, making way for the next big thing to steal the spotlight.  

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So… what’s the verdict?

Whether blush blindness is a fabulous trend or just a fleeting fad, it largely depends on how you hold the key! It all boils down to your personal perspective and makeup preferences.

For those who revel in daring transformations and bask in the digital limelight, blush blindness is undoubtedly fab. It unfurls a fun way to challenge the confines of the usual beauty standards and express individuality. Alternatively, for those who prefer more understated and practical makeup, the fixation on blush overload might seem more like a fad than forever. Its dramatic nature and the skill required to pull it off may not be your cup of tea and there’s nothing wrong with it.

After all, we are all beaut in our unique ways. If the trend suits your vibe, then ride the train! If not, embrace your one-of-a-kind flair instead of fishing for approval. Remember, these beauty trends are just like a luxury buffet, serving up a platter of options to help us find our perfect match!

Text Leigh Sofia Lazo

Banner photos by Dookie Ducay for METRO Magazine

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