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Everything You Need to Know About Browgraphy

Find out all about it: from what type of dye is used to how long the service takes.

Perfectly groomed brows will never go out of style. They have the power to frame your face and transform your look from just-got-out-of-bed to ready for anything in a snap. But plucking them to perfection and finding the right shade of pencil or powder doesn’t come quite easily to many—especially for those who’ve got lighter-colored tresses.


Enter your ever-reliable brow experts at Browhaus, a Singaporean concept store that specializes in lash and brow grooming services with several branches globally including Manila and Davao. If you’re not sure what to get done on your visit, why not try the Browgraphy service (P1,428)? We’ll walk you through what to expect and the dos and don’ts when it comes to maintaining your perfect arches.

Browhaus Browgraphy
Browhaus Browgraphy

What is Browgraphy?
It’s a 2-in-1 service that combines brow shaping and tinting in one. This is great for people who aren’t fully committed to something as permanent as microblading, but also want something that will last a couple of weeks at least.

Get ready for your transformation
You’ll be asked to lie down on their super comfy chair before the service. The brow specialist will ask if you prefer a shape before she proceeds to shape and clean your brows. There are three options for this part of the service: threading, plucking, and a combination of both. For my visit, we did a combination. According to Irene, my Browhaus brow specialist for the day, some customers prefer one method to the other, depending on their pain tolerance. There was a bit of discomfort for me during this part, but Irene applied a cream after the service was done that helped calm down my skin, which was a little red from the threading.

Once your brows have been shaped, it’s time to tint them. I was told that getting your brows lightened will last longer compared to having them darkened, which is what they did for me. If you’ve got lighter locks, you can opt for the lighter dye. They have two shades available—light brown and dark brown—in a vegetable-based dye, which is gentle enough for sensitive skin. Irene proceeded to brush my brow hairs with a spoolie, applying the dye carefully.

The final product was just as promised, groomed arches that looked like I had spent a good hour perfecting them with a brow pencil. Actual time it took? Less than half an hour. 

Browhaus Browgraphy before and after
Browhaus Browgraphy before and after

What happens next?
Now that your brows are all set, how do you maintain them? I was asked not to wet the area for at least five hours to make sure that the dye would settle into my brow hairs. I washed my face in the evening, and they still looked as though I just walked out of Browhaus. They also informed me that the color would last a couple of days only since I did the darker dye. The lighter option will last a couple of weeks. It’s recommended you do the service between 2 to 4 weeks, depending on how fast your brow hairs grow.

Interested in trying the Browgraphy service? Book your appointment by calling (0917) 8827697 (BROWS) or book online nowYour brows will thank you!