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Achieve Woke-Up-Like-This Brows With This Beauty Clinic’s Signature Brow Sculpt

In the new normal’s mask lifestyle, there’s no better time to get your brows done than now!

If there’s one thing that the new normal underscored even more, it’s that “kilay is life.” With half of our faces covered all the time because of masks, our eyes and brows have become the center of attention on our faces. So, the question is, how well are you treating your brows?

Different people give different levels of attention to their brows. There are the brow aficionados, as we’d like to call them, who have at least 10 different makeup items and tools to achieve perfect brows before they leave the house.

Then, there are the brow apprentices—those who have been introduced to the way of the brow so they know how to keep their brows groomed. They may have regular trips to the salon for a brow threading or know how to shave their brows themselves at home. They also own one OG brow pen, which they use to fill up their brows before leaving the house.

Then, there is the brow virgin. Her brows have never been touched—except for that one time when she had her makeup done for a special event and the makeup artist insisted they shape her brows at least so it’s not all over the place.

But guess what: whether you’re a brow aficionado, apprentice, or virgin, getting your brows done by a certified aesthetician will go a long way. And there’s no better time to visit one than now!

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Brow Sculpt by Skin House Laser

The thing with microblading is that it’s scary. People hear the word “blading” and the image of tiny knives slashing into their skin is magnified even before they start to think of the real benefits of the treatment. This is why to remove the stigma surrounding microblading, Skin House Laser—a premier beauty and laser clinic that offers advanced non-invasive medical aesthetics procedures—created the Brow Sculpt.

Brow Sculpt is a semi-permanent cosmetic procedure that allows you to have the illusion of totally natural and fuller brows. To do this, pigment is introduced into the shallow layers of the skin, and hair-like strokes are used to simulate the look of natural hair. This is the secret to the beauty of the brow sculpt: woke-up-like-this brows that are fuller and natural-looking without having to spend hours drawing your brows before you step out of the house.

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Skin House’s brow master: Joanne Yu

At Skin House Laser, their current brow master is actually the owner of the clinic, Joanne Yu. Joanne herself went to training abroad to learn and develop her eyebrow game, to make sure that the service she offers in her clinic is up to her very high standards.

“I like everything curated and as perfect as possible. Creating and improving the eyebrows of my patients give me so much joy,” Joanne says. “To do this, I went to Beauty Recipe Singapore, and underwent additional training under PhiAcademy London to upgrade my style. I also underwent perfection training that really leveled up my skills.”

You’ll know your brows are in the right hands when the artist who works on your brows has not just gone through international training, but also shares a deep passion for what she considers art.

Joanne Yu

Beauty Recipe is one of the most awarded training academy in Singapore, voted by thousands of people and industry experts as the “Best in Semi-Permanent Makeup.” PhiAcademy London, on the other hand, is one of the legends in the field of makeup that created the PhiBrows technique. This technique marries art and science to create hyper-realistic eyebrows by calculating the facial morphology and golden proportion of the face. This way, you know your brows are made according to your preference and facial features, and not just based on some cookie-cutter design applied on your face.

To pull it off, Joanne uses an eyebrow ruler, caliper, and phi compass to precisely measure the eyebrows and achieve symmetry. After that, she uses the trademark phi app to check and confirm that everything is in order before proceeding with the treatment. Talk about the balance between science and art.

Phi App
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What we love about Brow Sculpt

You may be wondering: “Why should I get my brows done when we’re in the middle of a pandemic and there’s little opportunity to go and enjoy the outside world?” Well, Brow Sculpt lasts for up to two years and it takes weeks before your brows fully heal from the procedure. This means that if you do it now while you’re not going outside as often, you don’t have to worry about the healing period. It lasts long enough, too, so you’ll know you’re ready to jump back right in to the action when things go back to normal. 

Metro.Style was also fortunate to have tried the procedure first-hand, and we can say that the Brow Sculpt is perfect for all kinds of ladies—from the brow aficionados down to those with untouched brows. Joanne, a brow aficionado herself, sets the bar high for all of their procedures, so you’ll get the exact brows that you want, made even better with the help of her scientific approach.

If you have zero knowledge about brows, you’re also in the right hands. Maybe this is the time you decide to invest on your brows and if you have no idea what brow shape looks best on you, and how to care and groom for your brows, Skin House Laser will guide you through the whole process.

What’s even more remarkable about the results of the Brow Sculpt is that the brows look so natural you won’t feel like your face “changed” after the procedure. But at the same time, it will be easily noticeable just how simply having the right brows that match your face and features makes a huge difference.

Pandemic protocols

Since we’re still in a pandemic, Skin House Laser follows a very strict protocol to ensure safety of their patients during the procedure. Since the work is done on the brows, the patient is still required to keep on their masks, and their aestheticians are fully equipped in protective gear.

To limit customer traffic in their clinics, they follow a script appointment-only basis for all their treatments, so you won’t arrive to a fully packed clinic with people waiting for their turn. All consent forms and records are also done online, so there’s minimal contact and time needed to linger around before or after your procedure.

They also have all the standard protective procedures in place like social distancing, regular sanitizing, and air purifiers.

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The Brow Sculpt normally costs P16,000 for a two-part procedure but currently, they’re offering it at P13,500 only, with a free healing light treatment after if you would be kind enough to post about your procedure and tag them online.

To complement your picture-perfect brows, Skin House Laser also offers a Keratin Lash Lift to give you more defined, longer, and curled lashes.

Visit Skin House Laser on Instagram or check out their website at for more information about their products and services.