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Bushy Brows Are Hot! Here's How To Pull Them Off, According To A Celebrity Makeup Artist!

Remember how everyone obsessed over pencil-thin, overplucked brows in the '90s? Thanks to beauty influencers like the Jenners and the Kardashians, bold, well-defined arches are now all over Instagram. Brows on fleek!



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But since beauty continuously evolves, a new brow trend has emerged. Welcoming it with open arms are runway models, YouTube vloggers, and of course, the most stylish celebrities in the industry.

Metro Women, let it be known: it's time we set our tweezers aside, because bushy brows have arrived! It's not a conventional beauty trend per se, but that's exactly what makes it hot. Gone are the days of perfectly shaped arches—more and more women are embracing their natural brows. This is as real as real can get.

Recently, celebrity and Metro Magazine cover girl Janella Salvador even posted a selfie on Instagram with the caption: Dear people who repeatedly tell me to "clean" my brows, I am going to keep this short and simple: No. Sincerely, me.



So how does one pull off messy, "unkempt" brows while still looking chic and polished? Top celebrity makeup artist Ting Duque gives us the fool-proof low down on how you can pull off the newest trend on the block.


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Metro.Style: Describe your makeup aesthetic.

Ting Duque: I like using clean strokes. My style is uncomplicated and thoughtful, with an ever-evolving sophistication which comes from experience.



MS: We noticed that a lot of your muses wear their brows messy yet chic. What inspired you to do this beauty trend on them?

TD: I am obsessed over brows. I have seen and done almost all brow looks and one thing is for sure: my brow point of view will always be part of my makeup story. Currently I like brows to be in an art directed "mess", if that makes sense. My inspiration comes from the people and their fashion.



MS: How can Metro Women pull off having bushy brows yet still look chic? 

?TD: Busy brows do not mean unkempt brows! I would still tweeze a few strands of hair here and there. Balace is key. When in doubt, have your brows done by an expert you trust.



MS: What products do you recommend to get your signature bushy brows look?

?TD: To make your brows stand up and appear bushy, use a spoolie dipped in brow gel or damp, clear soap. Then crate hair-like strokes by filling in the sparse areas with a brow pen. You can also use a super thin brush with brow pomade.

Below are Ting Duque's top makeup picks:





Kat Von D Brow Pomade


MS: Do you suggest plucking/ threading brows to keep them in shape?

?TD: Yes! Again, balance is key. While brows reaching the middle lids with an all-out eyeshadow can look cool in pictures, it may be a bit too much in person. 



MS: Lastly, what are your tips on how to grow one's brows?

?TD: There are now products that promote hair growth and are safe to use around the eye area. People who have gotten excited with the tweezer can try them out. Just make sure it has been tested and is safe to use, especially near the orbital region. I have not personally tried one, but always consult a doctor when in doubt.


For more chic inspiration on how to pull off bushy brows, scroll through this gallery.


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