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Catriona Gray's Makeup Artist Jelly Eugenio Spills His Secrets For The Beauty Queen's Looks

By now, you're most probably still reeling from the Miss Universe finals—stalking Catriona's every move on social media, practicing your own #lavawalk, thinking of investing in your own iconic three stars and the sun ear cuff, or obsessing over her beauty looks on Instagram! And how can we not? Our newly crowned queen is just breathtaking! 

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As Catriona embarks on a brand new adventure as Miss Universe 2018, we've surely got our eyes glued to her new endeavours and projects, making sure to support her through all of it. Surely the beauty queen's passion and determination for her causes are laudable, but we also can't help but can us mere mortals achieve her stunning looks? 



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We recently spoke with Catriona's go-to makeup artist here in Manila, Jelly Eugenio, for his best-kept secrets and tips for achieving Catriona's looks. Here, he lets us in on the basics of pageant makeup, the must have tools and tricks for achieving beauty queen-worthy looks, and what it's like working with our very own Miss Universe. Read on for a lesson or two...

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Jelly Eugenio is known in the local beauty scene as the go-to makeup pro for stars like Nadine Lustre, beauty queens like Rachel Peters and Kylie Verzosa, actress Sarah Lahbati, and it girls Martine Cajucom, Belle Daza, Georgina Wilson, and Solenn Heussaff. It comes as no surprise that these A-listers choose to have their faces made up by Jelly, as he sure knows how to glam up a woman's face without gearing away too much from their natural beauty. Think of it like a beauty upgrade, Jelly Eugenio-style!

Scroll through our gallery for some of our favorite Jelly Eugenio transformations:



And recently, we saw his success in the time and effort he has exerted to training our new Miss Universe Catriona Gray as she bagged the crown looking like a million bucks. In an Instagram post, he shares that Catriona was glowing, and it was all done by her. Truly, Jelly isn't just a makeup artist, he can be considered a great mentor too!



Jelly started doing Catriona's makeup during the time she won the Binibining Pilipinas-Universe title back in 2017, and up until this day, a year after (now with a Miss Universe crown), the tandem continues to make breathtaking looks every chance they get.

"The basics of traditional pageant makeup is strong defined eye and nude lip", shares Jelly. "But it is actually changing now. You can do a subtle eye and bold lip, but it still depends on what she's wearing." Since he began doing and training Catriona's makeup, the beauty queen has learned that the following fundamentals of pageant beauty must be kept in mind:

1. Good foundation - We agree that a solid base makes for any great makeup look;

2. Take care of your skin - "no look will be complete without flawless skin", shares Jelly;

3. Master highlighting and contouring - This is because "your facial features will get washed out on-stage especially with all the strong lights", Jelly quips;

4. Invest in a good smokey shades eye shadow palette;

5. Lip gloss is also very important!



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We asked Jelly about his signature look for our queen, and he quickly says "Cat's signature look is what I call the "cat eye"—basically it has more on warm tones for eyes, defined cheek bones, and lips with a nude outer with a red shade inside similar to the Korean lip look." He says this way, it looks "fresh and not like just any other look." 

"It's also my favorite to extend the eyes and to create juicy-looking lips so that it doesn’t look very pale [on stage]." - Jelly Eugenio



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He further shares that beautiful pageant makeup doesn't end there. "The key to opening the eye, most importantly, is to use false eyelashes—really good ones that don’t cover eye." He emphasizes on picking the right type of falsies though, as there are very thick ones that tend to cast a shadow on the eyes when light hits them. This is a big no-no for Jelly. "I see that in other makeup artists, pero they don’t think of the light. So you really have to consider the lights of the stage everytime."



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Now that we've got the eye part covered, we move on to another crucial part of the look—sculpting the base via highlighting and contouring. Jelly shares that "it's not just the shimmer or the glow. It's about shadows and adding a light area, and it's actually matte more than shimmer. Nowadays everybody thinks it's just shine. It's really how to give light and brightness on the undereyes, the center of the forehead, on top of the nose—all without the shimmer. Kasi that’s the real highlight, it's not really the shine or the glow."



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Catriona is known to take risks both in her professional life as well as in her choices in fashion and beauty. The pro fashion model is no stranger to some of the most daring looks, and she does make great decisions about what to wear, especially when she's on official duty for the pageant. We've seen her don a lot of Filipino designs all throughout the competition and she's had a say about the final creations she rocked on the Miss Universe runway. And for that, we truly feel she is in control and empowered—something a beauty queen should be!


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She and Jelly have also experimented with a lot of bold makeup looks in the past, we've seen her versatility on-and-off camera, which played to her advantage in the long run. "And also if you notice, we had the red lip for the coronation night. We actually already thought about doing a red lip during Binibining Pilipinas, but we ended up reserving it for the big night at Miss Universe, and I think it actually paid off", shares Jelly.

He also adds, "All of the other girls beside her were wearing silver, they looked quite pale on-stage in comparison to Cat na sobrang pula nya na. Her eyes were strong, she had a red lip, but it still doesn't look [over the top]. It was just the right amount of makeup, and it was perfect for the look."



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At the end of the day, achieving such stunning output is the result of a harmonious working relationship. Such is the friendship between Jelly and Catriona. She trusts him fully, and at the same time, he empowered her to create her own beautiful makeup looks by herself, with the help of his personal training. 

"Working with Cat is always a breeze especially during photo shoots. She is a pro model, she's done it for a very long time. Minsan natatwa ako kasi yung photographer ang di makasabay because she has so many poses. The photographer will say 'wait lang', or will adjust the light or whatever, but she just keeps on going. She kills every single photo or video shoot. She is such a pro!" - Jelly Eugenio



Lead photos from @missuniverse and @jellyugenio.