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Celebrity Makeup Artists Share Their Red Carpet Beauty Secrets

Learn the top celebrity makeup artists red carpet beauty tips and tricks here!


"First and foremost your skin should be ready. Be sure you care for and see a derma or do your skin care regimen before your event. Because without good skin, makeup won't look as great.

Prime your skin with a good primer before putting makeup on. Also, use an oil free moisturizer to avoid having to retouch or blot all the time." - Effie Go-Inigo

Celebrity clients: 

Beauty Gonzalez


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Sofia Andres


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"The makeup look you should do is something that supports the whole look. Focus on the skin as beautifully done base can never go wrong. But, if you want to take risk, make sure to translate the runway look into something that is more wearable yet strong enough to standout in the red carpet." - Anton Patdu

Celebrity client: 

Rachel Peters


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"Make sure the makeup look is not so thick or intensebecause it is not a TV appearance where the light is really strong, it's a live event. Your client will mingle with others face to face. Thick makeup would look harsh in person." -Eman de Leon

Celebrity client: 

Alessandra de Rossi


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