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The Stars Have Aligned To Bring Us These Pretty Celestial-Inspired Makeup Collections

Mercury Retrograde eyeshadow palette, anyone?

Chances are, you've recently consulted trusty Susan Miller's "Astrology Zone" site for your monthly horoscope. Or you've downloaded the Co—Star app on your smartphone just to keep track of your stars and their positioning because you totally have to be aware of how this may affect your day. Did you mark your calendar for the next full moon so you can set your intentions for the new month ahead? You're not alone. 

These Brands Have Launched Collections Especially For The Crystal Lovers Out There!


These Brands Have Launched Collections Especially For The Crystal Lovers Out There!

Yes folks, we live in the day and age where astrology and everything celestial is the new norm for modern life. The trend transcends from wellness to beauty, and for good reason. For thousands of years, civilizations have looked to the heavens for cues on how to live their lives, and to quote the great William Shakespeare, "The stars above govern our condition. I was born sir, when the Crab was ascending: all my affairs go backwards." It's as if to say the stars do have a significant effect on how our lives pan out. Whether astrology just has a placebo effect or not, it cannot be denied that the field of knowledge is something millions accept and practice.

And because of this craze, brands have started to come out with celestial and cosmic-inspired collections to join in the fixation on all things heavenly. Celebrities like Nadine Lustre has previously collaborated with cosmetics brand BYS for a zodiac-inspired collection, while beauty brands like M.A.C and Huda Beauty have jumped in on the craze—check out all there is to know about these collections in our round-up below:

The celestial-inspired Pony Park for M.A.C collection

Pony Park for M.A.C

Best known as the Korean beauty sensation, Pony Park made a name for herself by dabbling in doing makeup for celebrities (she was CL of 2NE1's makeup artist), in beauty blogging and vlogging, digital content creation, as well as in modeling. The multi-hyphenate star who hails from South Korea is a beauty powerhouse that cosmetics brand M.A.C collaborated with for a limited-edition celestial-inspired collection. 

The most sought-after beauty star in Korea recently published a vlog on her Youtube channel speaking about how it took them three years to work on the collection, and that she's so excited that it's finally out. The collection features all formulas ranging from glitter, shimmer, matte, and velvet, and consists of eight products (available in varied shades) and comes in tarot-inspired packaging, focusing on the symbolic sun, moon, and star. 

My collection with M·A·C is super meaningful to me in that I am able to bring K-beauty, Korean culture, and Asian beauty and culture to the global market,” says Pony. “I’ve been showing various looks on my social networks and videos for years and through this collaboration with M·A·C, I’m able to bring the actual experience to global consumers so they can experience my vision directly and hands-on as they try the products. - Pony Park
Pony Park for M.A.C Lip Mousse and Lip Gloss

Beauty fans will be able to experiment and play with these cosmically pretty products, and achieve looks that Pony has curated herself. Been wanting to achieve that coveted blurred, ombré lip look unique to K-Beauty? Pony's got you covered. How about that porcelain glass skin look? Try her Extra Dimension Skinfinish available in two shades. The makeup possibilities are as high as the heavens for this collection! Available at selected M.A.C boutiques in the Philippines

The Mercury Retrograde Eyeshadow Palette | Huda Beauty

Huda Beauty Mercury Retrograde Palette

Mercury Retrograde is often regarded as those specific periods of time in a year when things in your life go haywire for no apparent reason. According to, "When Mercury is in retrograde, technology, communication, travel, logic, and information all get disrupted". In the case of this brand new eye palette from Huda Beauty though, beauty mogul Huda Kattan says "Mercury Retrograde ain't got nothing on you this year."

The "coolest palette of the year" features 18 shades: cosmic pinks, galactic blues and tantalizing teals that create endless color combinations. The formula features signature buttery mattes, high-shine creamy metallics, glittery powders, and their one-of-a-kind multi-reflective shades. Available at