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Chanel Finally Has a Beauty Insta We Should Follow

If you're ever wondering why Chanel Beauty doesn't have a dedicated Instagram account, then wonder no more because the makeup gods have heard our plea, and they finally launched one meant for all of us beauty junkies (no shame in the makeup game!) Filled to the brim with beauty and makeup #inspo, plus tips, tricks, and commentary from the brand's Global Creative Makeup and Color Designer Lucia Pica, this Insta account is set to be the hottest online destination today.

Check out this cool video to introduce to the world:

Here you can expect the freshest drops from Chanel Beauty so you're never left behind:

Get to know the brains behind Chanel Beauty's vision today:

Or simply browse through endless inspiration:

Don't wait till #FollowFriday to click that button, head on to on Instagram and get ready for a chock full of the brand's unique beauty content. #CreateYourself

Lead photo via Chanel Beauty