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A Color Analysis Session Is Worth It. Here's Why!

It also helps you find your perfect makeup matches! Read all about our experience with Color Match by Enzo

We've seen color analysis videos on social media for quite some time now—with Color Experts draping many different colors of fabric across one's chest in front of a well-lit mirror, in hopes of discovering that person's true, complementary colors. It's all the rage in Seoul, South Korea, and has then found its way into the country, helping Filipinos find out what looks good on morena, chinita, mestiza skin, and every skin tone in between. After all the hype has died down somehow, I knew I still had to have a legit color analysis experience of my own, so I headed to Seoul-trained Certified Color Analyst Enzo Villacorta of Color Match by Enzo V. to find out for myself.

Color Match by Enzo V.

What to expect before the session

Color analysis sessions with Enzo are set via online booking, through his Instagram page. At the moment, his availability is TBA, what with countless individuals wanting to get a few hours with him, but do keep an eye out, and send him a DM if you ever find yourself interested in a session. Once he confirms your date and time slot, you settle a 50% down payment, and are sent some reminders such as: where to go (his studio is in Legaspi Village in Makati, just a stone's throw away from Greenbelt), and what to bring—a few makeup products. 

What happens during the session

I arrived at Enzo's cute, colorful, and cozy studio one weekday evening, coming from an event and a bunch of errands. As soon as I got there, he gave me some time to settle down, relax, and remove my makeup! He has some makeup remover wipes but if you prefer to bring your own cleanser, by all means do so. 

Once I was ready to begin, he gave a short introduction to what was about to happen. I got the Full Color Analysis Package (Php 9,500) and was in for an analysis of my personal colors, hair, makeup, and jewelry. The basic package doesn't include hair, makeup, and jewelry matching, so you can opt for that at a lower rate, (Php 7,500) too! I was ecstatic to find out all of these, to say the least!

Found out how to find the right spot for getting my skin tone

The session begins with a crash course on color theory, and then Enzo proceeded to teach me how to find the spot on my face that enables me to zero in on my real skin tone (from the corner of your eye to the point where it meets the corner of your lips). He used a tool to facilitate this, and proceeded to do some computations to find out what my skin type is. After a few mathematical computations, I then found out that I have a NEUTRAL skin tone! Interesting, because I always thought I had somewhat of a cool tone.  

Enzo computing my skin type and getting a crash course on color theory
At the color analysis table

The session continues on the actual color analysis table, where various fabric swatches are laid out, waiting to be draped against my body. The lights are bright, and the mirror served as a guide for both me and Enzo, as the session went on. He held up two color boards against my face, and taught me how to find my "apple zone"—the area of my face where the gaze usually focuses on (eyes, nose, cheeks).

After the various draping and analyzing, we both came to the conclusion that I am a "Summer Whitish"—these hues perfectly complement my skin, bring out the inner glow (natural pinkness and just the right redness) of my skin, and lessens the appearance of dark under eye circles and other sallowness. 

My color matches

After analyzing my personal colors based on the seasons, we went to the other fun parts of the session—analyzing makeup colors, hair colors, and jewelry colors that are complementary for my skin. Before I go on, this is to say that just because some "non-complementary" colors exist in your wardrobe or makeup kit definitely does not mean you have to throw them out after your session. Enzo is amazing at giving tips on how to incorporate your power colors and how to keep the ones that aren't necessarily the best for you. He ensures color works to your advantage, not against you!

Enzo diligently computing and recommending colors of makeup that work for me

For the part where us beauty girlies look forward to, Enzo proceeded to match hair colors that work for me—to my delight, I found out that I don't have to dye my hair any other color other than hues similar to my existing hair color. He then brings out cute lipstick swatches and "drapes" it on my lips to see what works and what doesn't. As a Beauty Editor, I am amazed at how a certain shade of pink makes me look glowing, while one washes me out. You have to really try it for yourself. He then brought me back to his first desk and asks me to bring out my personal makeup kit—samples of foundation, blush, and lipstick that I use on a regular basis to see if those really work for me or not. He also has sample makeup products to help the client get acquainted with shades that they may consider investing in.

What to expect after the session

A few days after the session, I get an e-mail with my personal color chart to serve as a guide of sorts, to keep handy on my phone if and when I decide to shop for clothes, makeup, jewelry, or get a dye job. 

Personal color analysis results

The verdict: is color analysis worth it?

While most people opt to stick to colors they fancy, a.k.a. favorite colors, from a Beauty Editor's standpoint, I do think it is well worth it to try color analysis at least once. Our skin tone changes from time to time, but if you feel that you are at that point in your life where you want to get to know yourself deeper on this level, then it's a fun way to do some self discovery! Color is such a huge part of how we express ourselves, so getting in-depth learning about it is a great investment in the long run. Again, this session isn't meant to constrict you but rather make colors work to your advantage. This is how you can make color work for hue!

Interested in booking your own session? Send a message to Color Match by Enzo V. via Instagram @enzovillacorta.

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