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Experience The Art Of Making Your Very Own Custom Lipstick at Lab-i Lipstick Design Studio

Leaving a beauty store with an arm full of lipstick swatches without actually finding the right one can be incredibly frustrating. Whether it’s a classic red, a complimenting nude, or a sultry berry, picking the best shade that suits your skin tone (and wardrobe) is a serious struggle that any girl can surely relate to. 

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Thanks to customizable beauty products, achieving the exact makeup looks you envision can is now a reality! With the right hues and tools, you can play mixologist with lippies to create unique shades you’ll always adore. 

One beauty company that can help you achieve the lipstick of your dreams is the newly opened Lab-i Lipstick Design Studio. Located Eastwood City in Libis, Lab-i lets each customer experience the art of making their very own personalized shade. 


Making your own lipstick here costs P1,500, but if you want them to do it for you, they will charge you a reasonable P780. And if you're in a rush, you can also choose from their pre-made shades, currently discounted at P330. 


Itching to find out how it exactly happens? Lets get started! To create your own lipstick, the staff will walk you through hand selecting your custom shade (with nearly 500 exclusive pigments to choose from), texture, lipstick cases, tip and scent. 

If you're having a hard time choosing the right color for you, the staff can provide you a chart to guide and determine which shades fit your skin tone. "There's a scientific approach to determine your undertone, although there are still some women that insist wearing the colors that doesn't suit them... If you check the veins on your wrist, if you have blue veins, that means you're a cool undertone. If you have green veins, that means you're a warm undertone," says Eleanor Leung, the owner and founder of Lab-i. 


Once you’re done, they will have you sit and be guided with step by step instructions, from sanitizing the tools, mixing pigments, melting the wax, adding essential oils, to molding and packaging. Check out these photos to guide you through the exciting process:


This Lab-i experience will definitely shake up your lipstick game, and perhaps, make you rethink of some of your favorite products. Because frankly, it always feels better to seek out and find natural makeup brands made with organic ingredients and vitamins. "We do have a of testimonials that our lipsticks are healing, because it only contains extra virgin olive oil, jojoba almond, rosehip avocado—depending on the condition of your lips," Eleanor shares. 


Photos by Red Dimaandal