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These Brands Have Launched Collections Especially For The Crystal Lovers Out There!

Rose quartz mask, anyone?

We're pretty sure you know of someone or you yourself have started getting into the crystal craze—wearing bracelets, pendants, and even carrying crystal chips in your bag or pocket to get that extra dose of good energy they are said to provide. In this day and age of perma-connectivity and an endlessly vicious cycle of stress, people have started to turn on their spiritual side and find ways to survive the hectic pace we're all experiencing. We've started tuning into meditation practices, joining sound bath sessions, indulging in wellness podcasts, and yes, employing the power of crystals to help us set our intentions for every day life. 

There are crystals for love, for creating wealth, crystals for health and wellness, there are those for making sound decisions, and those for protecting against the evil eye. While the powerful energetic properties of the many different crystals is for a different article altogether, we've decided to turn our focus on a particularly fun way of injecting crystals into your life: through makeup and skincare!

Rose quartz is said to attract love for self and others. How about this covet-worthy Angela Caglia rose quartz eye mask? | @angelacaglia

If you're not ready to go full on crystal crazy, these products are a good way to start getting some good juju into your life (your vanity life, that is!) They're fun, they're packaged pretty uniquely, and they're a great addition to your kit needing a jolt of energy. Say goodbye to your regular products, and say hello to cosmically-charged makeup that will change your beauty life!

Don't Let These Toxic Ingredients Touch Your Face!


Don't Let These Toxic Ingredients Touch Your Face!

Check out our top picks in the gallery below:

Lead photos from @byscosmetics, @angelacaglia, and @thehoodwitch