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The New Disney x Happy Skin Collab Appeals To Our Inner Princesses And Girlbosses At The Same Time!

We've all become Disney babies at some point, and to this day, we can't deny the fact that anything Disney still tugs at our heartstrings, makes us reminisce our childhood, and gives us feel good vibes. And as for Disney Princesses (think Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty, and Belle), these endearing characters forever hold a special place in our little girl hearts!


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In the day and age of women empowerment and equality though, our concept of princesses has definitely evolved for the better. No longer are princesses damsels in distress who require saving from Prince Charming! While we still swoon at the thought of our beloved sweeping us off our feet, getting our life together through our own will, strength, and perseverance surely trumps all!

With this in mind, homegrown brand Happy Skin cosmetics collaborated with Disney for another limited edition collection! The new #DisneyxHappySkin 19-piece collection features well-loved princesses not in your regular gown and crown combo, but in laid-back, chill outfits of pajamas and sweats, letting their hair down, and basically being their awesome selves!


The collection features 10 new lippie shades in matte and mousse formulas in new easy to use click pens, a new innovative cooling lip gloss, a 3-in-1 brow and eye pencil, multi-use mousses, and vegan nail polishes!


Apart from the princesses shown in unconventional getups, they are portrayed to be the power women they're meant to be: go-getter, adventurer, warrior, risk-taker, fun, and fearless! These modern princesses made their debut in the hit cartoon Ralph Breaks the Internet, where they meet young, energetic internet video game racer Vanellope von Schweetz. In the end of the movie (spoiler alert!), the princesses are inspired by the dynamic lady, thus changing into their new comfy wardrobe, turning tables, and saving Ralph in the end.



And as for us? We're definitely inspired to be our modern princess selves, defying odds and breaking down walls that used to hold us back. We're arming ourselves with beauty products that empower us to be our best selves while we're at it, making sure to put our best faces forward!


Check out the collection below:



Editor's Picks:

Among my favorites in this collection are the multi-use mousses and the Jasmine lippie (not just because of the recent hit Aladdin!). I'm a fan of products you can take with you from day to night, and can work wonders with just a few applications. This mouse-formula has a matte finish that works well with our weather, while the Jasmine moisturizing matte lip click gives off a nude, mauve shade that's versatile enough for both work and play!


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