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Global Drag Queen "Gigi" Shares Her Thoughts About Beauty And Life In And Out Of Drag

At this moment, thousands of Filipinos and LGBTQ+ members and allies are already in Marikina City’s streets to take part in the annual Pride parade. Following this year’s theme, #ResistTogether, participants march the streets not just to celebrate but also to empower and fight against the injustices the community continues to face. Dubbed as the most colorful festival of the year, the Pride march aims to foster a safe space for the LGBTQ+ community. 


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A big part of the LGBTQ+ community are drag queens—and there is just something about them that we love so much. At bars, clubs, conventions, and especially on social media, “drag fans” are appearing in unprecedented numbers. Maybe it’s their dedication—just imagine all the work that goes into drag: learning songs and choreography, up to literally glueing their eyebrows on, preparing their eye-popping ensembles, and sharing the confidence that they exhibit on stage. Whatever it is, just like the rest of you, we’re impressed with these queens. 

To spread more love and beauty this Pride month, we talked to Brigiding “Gigi” Aricheta, a drag queen and the representative of the LGBTQ+ community at the recently held Pride night at Cirque du Soleil in Las Vegas, about her inspiring journey, unique style, and of course, her drag makeup transformations. Scroll further to know more about her story: 


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Metro.Style: How did the persona that you’ve created—Gigi—come about? How did she become your best superhero self? 

BA: “Gigi is the alter ego of Brigiding! She is someone I thought and just created out of my own reality. She is the one who is more creative and crazy and fabulous and is gayer and confident... But later on, I’ve come to realize that Gigi is the real Brigiding. They are one and the same, she became my superhero because through the help of drag I discorvered that Gigi is the real me inside that I don’t get to be when I’m out of drag.”


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MS: What would you say are the greatest challenges you have faced performing as a drag queen? 

BA: “Maybe it is the time when you need to perform in front of people who don't understand what you do, or who don’t see the art and value in your chosen career.”


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MS: What are the biggest inspirations for Gigi's unique style? 

BA: “My inspirations are the everyday pictures and sceneries I see on social media that I follow. I take inspirations from fashion magazines and then I take the best things and put them together to create something.”


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MS: Can you walk us through your drag makeup transformations? What are the best tips and tricks to do so?

BA: “My best tip is always perfect your eyebrow blocking, and stay true to your style and never be scared to try something new—may it be a new trend or a new eye shape, new color, or a new product.


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MS: What are your top tips in wearing color for drag makeup?

BA: “There are no rules in makeup. Put all the colors that you want be happy and gay. And of course, make sure it works with your performance.”



Lead photos from Brigiding "Gigi" Aricheta