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Everything You Need To Know About Glossier Play

Things are starting to get more colorful at Glossier!



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Yesterday, the makeup startup—known for helping women create an au naturel, no makeup aesthetic—launched an entirely new makeup brand called Glossier Play. For two weeks, Glossier hyped up the fans and posted vague images on a brand new Instagram page dedicated to Play, which racked 50,000 followers on Instagram in just over 24 hours, and is now up to 85,000. Intrigue and speculations ran high, and many people kept on asking, "what could it be?" "what exactly is this mysterious logo?"



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Now, we have our answer: Glossier Play is a new range of “dialed-up beauty extras” that promise to turn the image of the clean-faced, dewy-skinned Glossier girls on its head with a full line of color cosmetics. “Each one creates endless possibilities to get ready, let loose, and most of all, play,” revealed the Founder and CEO of Glossier, Emily Weiss. “There will be more—more colors, more textures, more ways to dial up your look." Check out her full post below: 



"At our core, Glossier Inc. is about celebrating freedom of choice when it comes to how we all look, act, and feel. Each and every one of you is your own expert, with the ability to tell a story about what beauty means to you. Today I’m thrilled to introduce @GlossierPlay, a new approach to makeup that’s inspired by sound, motion, and fun. Glossier Play’s first four products are tools for expression: Colorslide technogel eye pencil, Vinylic Lip high shine lacquer, Glitter Gelée multigrade paillettes, and Niteshine highlighter concentrate. Each one creates endless possibilities to get ready, let loose, and most of all, play. There will be more—more colors, more textures, more ways to dial up your look. The one thing that won’t change is Glossier’s simple and intuitive approach to design that’s consistent across everything that we do. With this new brand, we’re inviting you to continue to choose your own beauty adventure...only now with even more places to go. The world is your Playground! Thank you for joining us."—@emilywweiss, founder + CEO

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Looks exciting, right? Get a sneak peek of their newest products below!


Vinylic Lip

Couldn’t wait to get our hands on this lip vinyl! It comes in six essential colors with an addictive high-shine finish plus, a cushiony never-sticky formula thay givess off the gloss you want with shades to go with anything.



Here are 14 new eye pencil shades to add to your makeup bag! This product has a formula that dreams are made of: A highly pigmented, smooth gel pencil that doesn’t crease or smudge. 


Glitter Gelee

Add this one-step glitter gell anywhere you want a jeweled look! Comfortable, wearable, and long-lasting, this is an instant mood boost that stays shiny and stays put. Dab on for a look that stands out!



Give your highlight more depth by using this product made with a refined pearl powder. It creates an illuminating sheen that blends seamlessly onto cheekbones, browbones, Cupid’s bows, and eyelids for the glow you want. 


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