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EXCLUSIVE: Cult LA Beauty Brand ‘Gerard Cosmetics’ Is Now In Manila—Here’s What To Look Forward To!

Gone are the days when buying a tube of lipstick meant staring at a rack, choosing from the usual big names, patronizing the same brands your mother did when she taught you the 101 of makeup years back.

While there’s nothing wrong with supporting tried and tested brands (they’ve withstood the test of time for a reason!), it’s great to know that beauty enthusiasts today have a wider variety of brands to choose from. Thanks to a growing beauty community online, Filipinos are now welcoming cult beauty brands with open arms.

One of these is Gerard Cosmetics, an independent beauty line from Los Angeles that’s known for innovative, cruelty-free formulas. With universally flattering shades of Hydra Matte Liquid Lipsticks and foolproof Slay All Day Setting Spray on the roster of best-sellers, the independent label has gained the approval of YouTubers Patrick Starrr, Angelica Nyqvist, and Kiki Chanel—and 1.9 million other people on Instagram.


Photo: Gerard Cosmetics


Photo: @swayzemorgan


In an exclusive interview with Metro.Style, founder and CEO Jen Gerard shared her humble beginnings—and how she made her way to the top of the beauty game by creating her own empire. Keep scrolling!



The Roller Coaster Of Life

Jen Gerard’s 18-year-old self wouldn’t have imagined herself rubbing elbows with today’s biggest beauty gurus. After all, she didn’t really spend her free time researching on the best lipstick formula—instead, she operated roller coasters at a local theme park.

But fate has a way of writing Life’s beautiful success stories.

After graduating college, Jen worked as a sales manager in a car dealership for more than twenty years—but she eventually followed a friend’s suggestion to venture into beauty. “I was unsure at first, but I quickly realized how positively I could impact someone’s day by making them feel better about themselves,” she quipped.

In 2010, she put up Whitening Lightning—Hollywood’s best-kept secret. It was a mobile service that drove to people’s homes and offices to cater to their teeth whitening needs. By the end of the year, they became a success online, and Jen decided that it was time to launch makeup products that would complement their clients’ perfect bright smile.

The Color Your Smile lip glosses and the Brow Bar to Go were eventually created, and were well-received by influential YouTubers. “It was actually one of the YouTube beauty gurus who suggested it would be good to put the makeup under its own brand,” shared Jen. “I thought it was a great idea! We came up with the name that day. I bought the domain, and we launched the company almost exactly one year later.”

Jen never imagined she would put up her own business one day—but if there’s one thing she learned, it’s being brave enough to start from scratch. “Do not be afraid to fail. Respect your own time and talents, or no one else will,” Jen underscored.

With a deep breath, Jen hopped on the Roller Coaster of Life with eyes wide open—ready for where this journey would take her.

Teeth whitening pens from Whitening Lightning, Hydra Matte liquid lipsticks and Brow Bar To Go from Gerard Costmetics. Photo: @mariacast13


The First Gerard Cosmetics Products

One of her brand’s first makeup products was the cult-favorite Brow Bar To Go, which was an instant hit online. “My eyebrows were a victim of the 1980s—I have not had any brows since then!” Jen quipped. “Brow Bar To Go was created for women like me. With it, you could sculpt and fill in your brows. We also added wax to hold the brows in place, so that during an active day, you wouldn’t accidentally rub half of your eyebrow off your face!”

But another star was born in 2014, when Gerard Cosmetics introduced a lipstick shade that’s flattering across all skin tones. The 1995—a timeless, neutral nude shade inspired by the unforgettable grunge era—led the brand to fame, and the rest as they say, is history.

Photo: @annybeeutee



Lessons From The Beauty Industry

With years of experience up her sleeve, Jen Gerard was enthusiastic to share the valuable lessons she gained as she journeyed into the beauty industry.

“First, I learned to trust my instincts when it comes to product development,” she shared. “It’s easy to listen to critics who say you have to color inside the lines—but our biggest successes came to be because we have gone well outside of the box.”

Aside from chasing fame and success, it’s also important to stay grounded amidst everything. “Putting people first brings the most fulfillment and happiness,” Jen smiled.

Finally, the entrepreneur shines the spotlight on the power of social media, giving it due credit for her brand’s success. “My brand was one of the firsts to utilize social media for growth. Now, our world is so much smaller. We can now carry on meaningful relationships with people halfway across the globe, the same as we can with someone halfway down the street.”


Photo: @charliesbarnachea


Gerard Cosmetics in the Philippines

Founded in Los Angeles, a melting pot of different cultures, the brand continues to create an inclusive line of makeup to cater to every age, skin tone, and personality. “We are highly interactive with our fans,” stated Jen, “We are always listening to what people want, and the problems they need to solve with makeup.”

When beauty community freyja invited Gerard Cosmetics to fly their products to Manila, it was sealed with an instant yes. After all, the Philippine beauty community is one of the most passionate in the world! “I noticed that people are very engaged with beauty here,” quipped Jen Gerard. “I love that, and I feel like it’s something that’s going to expand as more indie beauty brands come to the Philippines.”

There’s enough room for more brands to love in the Philippines—and indeed, exciting things are in store for the beauty-obsessed Filipina.



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Want to know more about Gerard Cosmetics? We challenged Jen Gerard to answer all our beauty questions in less than two minutes! Watch this fun video for your dose of beauty inspo.


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