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Fearless Filipinas Who ‘Live Boldly’

Beauty is beyond physical, it is also about passion, personality, the will and the heart.

Here in the Philippines, there is absolutely no shortage of women who are fearless in conquering uncharted territories, unafraid in pushing boundaries and are simply “live boldly” and beautifully.

The list is long in terms of empowered and inspiring women but Revlon names and celebrates remarkable and amazing Filipinas who showed and embodied living boldly.


Raissa Laurel-Subijano

Don’t be deceived by her petite charm, Raissa Laurel-Subijano is incredibly strong in her faith and in her resolve to survive her ordeal. In 2010, she lost her legs to a bar exam bombing yet she didn’t let the tragedy hinder her bright future. Today, she is a young councilor in San Juan who finds ways to help the youth, women, PWDs (persons with disabilities) and children.


Shaira Luna

Known in her childhood days as a “gifted child” courtesy of the milk commercial she starred in, Shaira Luna did not let society’s expectations of her box her. She went on in life to pursue creativity and her passion for photography. It’s when she boldly stepped out of her comfort zone that she shone the most as one of the country’s successful and in-demand photographers.


Plump Pinays: Danah and Stacy Gutierrez

We don’t have just one but two lovely ladies, twins even, who advocate body acceptance. Danah and Stacy battled their own body issues but came out triumphant and even shared their stories to inspire others using as their platform. The twins continue to advocate body positivity and authenticity.


Paulina Sotto

She is more than just daddy’s girl. Paulina isn’t even known as showbiz legend Vic Sotto’s daughter, she is more known for her marvelous works as a painter. She was able to carve her own niche yet she still honors acknowledges her lineage and heritage as part of the things that inspire her to create beautiful works of art.


Marianna Vargas

It’s becoming rare to see someone so young yet so devoted in her love for the environment and the overall well-being of Filipinos. Marianna uses her role as partnerships officer at the Oscar M. Lopez Center for Climate Change to serve vulnerable communities and tirelessly research on how the country can adapt to climate changes and come up with solutions that would impact the lives of Filipinos.


Kakai Bautista

Kakai lives boldly by using her stature as an actress-singer, and even her comedic prowess, to advocate finding beauty within one’s self and celebrating it. The actress believes that one may not be immune to insecurities but we shouldn’t also dwell on it, saying that beauty comes with doing things that make one happy.


Happy Andrada

The designer and makeup artist’s overseas success is a testament on boldly following her heart and her dreams. Happy gives her all in things she does and would even find ways to gain more knowledge to improve her craft. She also makes it a point to inspire and encourage fellow Filipino designers to go beyond local and go global.


Anna Manalastas

Before finding her calling as a yoga teacher, Anna first embarked on a creative career. Then she took the time to evaluate her life and truly get to know herself before making a decision to switch careers. She sees it as a way to nurture one’s self. In her path as a yoga teacher, she found her purpose by empowering others with important lessons she learned in life such as practicing compassions towards one’s self so you can practice compassion towards others as well.


Alyssa Valdez

Volleyball is more than just Alyssa’s playground, it’s where she learned valuable lessons in life. Through the sport, the athlete was able to display grit, patience and perseverance as she faces triumph and losses. Volleyball also fueled her desire to “pay it forward” and train as well as share knowledge to young kids.


Alex Godinez

There’s no stopping the beautiful young thespian in pursuing what she loves: acting and singing. Though there are other opportunities available, Alex set her sights on performing arts and living her dream made her equally confident and happy. It also emboldened her to connect with people and be unafraid to be known in a deeper way and to be vulnerable. She plays characters but in real life, she throws the mask away.


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