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Rosy 'N Smoky Eyes From Mark Bumgarner's Metrowear Show

Photo courtesy of Jigs Mayuga


Gorgeous fashion was the center of the Metrowear show, but that didn't mean the beauty looks weren't an art of their own. Mark Bumgarner’s models in particular carried very trendy, rosy smoky eyes (which are all the rage this year!), to go with voluminous, blooming gowns. Such coordination between makeup and dress definitely deserved praise.


Jigs Mayuga, Key Makeup Artist for Mark Bumgarner, explains how the two planned to create looks that were “romantic, yet dramatic enough for the runway”. They eventually settled on an intense, berry tone palette for the eyes, lips and cheeks.

The eyes are the main focus in this look—everything else, such as foundation, blush and lips are lightly applied. Using BYS Cosmetics’ Berries eye palette, and the Metals eye palette, Jigs and his team create an eye look that’s unique, while not deviating from the usual smoky eye execution. The ruby tones, purple shadows and orange shimmer are beautiful to even negate eyeliner altogether.


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For those who want to try out this look (and yes, it is absolutely possible to do so for casual makeup), Jigs has some simple tips for you to make this your own: “When using rosy or berry shades on the eyes, it is important to use shades of varying intensity and texture. Then blend them together to create a seamless gradient of color.” Don’t forget to use your best blending brushes, too! 

Photo is courtesy of Jigs Mayuga


Banner and thumbnail photos by Vyn Radovan