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How To Nail The Glitter Makeup Trend, According To Nadine Lustre

Among non-beauty lovers, Nadine Lustre is best known as an actress, dancer, singer, and of course, the other half of the loveteam in reel and real life, JaDine. But among those who consider themselves beauty-obsessed, we know that Nadine is somewhat a modern makeup mogul. She experiments with makeup, is far from boring when it comes to red carpet beauty choices, and has her own makeup line and fragrance brand to boot!

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From a pink glossy lip to a drunk blush look, she and her go-to makeup artist Jelly Eugenio constantly have us on the edge of our seats. And frankly, we’re pretty addicted to that constant anticipation! We'll never know what stunning new makeup look we're going to get when it comes to these two, and we have to admit we're guilty of trying out some of these trends ourselves! What can we say? Nadine looks good, and we sure can use some of that risky attitude in our beauty routines!


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January is the month for setting intentions and planning for the year ahead, so while you're at it, why not decide to give your beauty look an overhaul as well? Looking at trying a bold new lip color or a drastic haircut? While we're looking at Nadine for beauty #inspo, there’s one makeup trend that couldn't seem to go unnoticeable from the Queen of Cool these days—the glitter eye makeup trend! Whether it be for a red carpet appearance, a photo shoot or a TV show, Nadine regularly serves ultimate, inspo-worthy glittery looks. 

Sure, this trend isn't the easiest to cop, but it adds a lot of oomph to your safe makeup look, and gives your eyes that extra twinkle it needs. Need more proof? We’ve rounded up some of the Nadine’s best glittery makeup looks to give you that motivation to get glitzy in 2019!


By obsessing over Nadine's shimmering glittery eyes, we can assume that there are three surefire ways to execute this look: First off, pick a color theme for your look. Eyeshadow, lipstick, and blush can be a simliar hue, then proceed to layering your eyelids with glittery hue of the same shade as well. This will immediately give the eye shadow the pop it needs!

Secondly, you don't have to put glitter all over the eyes. For starters, you can put some glitter on the inner corners of your eyes. Ever wonder why Nadine's stare is so mesmerizing? This is mainly the reason why. Adding glitter or highlighter on this area widens your eyes, gives off the illusion of rested peepers, and takes the entire eyeshadow look to the next level. 

And last but not least, pull off the glitter look by dabbing it all over your face. Yes, you can get this done without looking like an art project—simply pick a highlighter that has visible glittery specks to get started. Identify the high points of your face (eyelids, on top of your nose, cheekbones, cupid's bow) then get dabbing!

Here's to getting bright and shiny this year!


Lead photos from Jelly Eugenio