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Hollywood Makeup Artist Luis Casco Teaches Us How To Create A Day To Night Look

By now you probably already know how much we at Metro love a good lesson in beauty. We're down for tips and tricks from beauty experts, and we waste no time trying them out ourselves! Just recently, we got the opportunity to hear from Mary Kay's Global Beauty Ambassador Luis Casco, who has had extensive experiene in the cut-throat world of beauty in Hollywood and beyond. Check out our sneak peek into his glamorous life in the beauty industry, plus some top tips for creating an effortless day to night look!



Q: Tell us about your career in the beauty industry?

A: Well, I started wanting to be a fashion designer, so my career started in Paris. My very first jobs were in Haute couture and runway shows. I was an assisting makeup artist and beauty and fashion world is a part of my life. My mom was someone who always wore makeup and was into glamour, so I grew up watching her and that was how my love for beauty and makeup started.


Q: Who are your celebrity clients? Can you name a few?

A: I worked with Charlize Theron for many years. One of the things that I was not able to do is work full time with a client because a lot of them expect you to be available full-time. But I work from time to time with Helen Mirren and a lot of supermodels who are now actresses in different projects. So, it’s sort of changes and those are a few names I can tell you about.


Q: Your role now in Mary Kay is a global beauty ambassador, what do you do?

A: Mary Kay is now in almost 40 markets and is available to over 3 million people around the world, so I am the person who basically visits all those markets and represents the company from a PR standpoint. So I can meet with press, and really show that Mary Kay is a very on-trend and fashionable brand and can work in many different scenarios, whether it is a photo shoot or a runway show, especially for a real woman.


Q: What hero products of Mary Kay would you want/like to highlight?

A: The hero products for me are some of the tools. Their brush set is amazing and I’m going to say so because I had a little bit to do with it, I worked on the development of it. They are made of very high-quality synthetic bristles, so they can be used with different products such as creams, powders and lotions. Another is the Timewise 3D Miracle set. It is such an easy skincare to use and its got amazing ingredients including encapsulated resveratrol which is an ingredient that has been around for a while, but Mary Kay was able to get in in an encapsulated form which means that it really works with high potency on the skin. The final thing would be the finishing spray which is an amazing last touch up tool that you use after your make up is done.


Q: Why do you prefer using Mary Kay products? What’s so special about them?

A: You know, I did not know anything about Mary Kay while I was doing make up. They called me from NY, but after finding out more about Mary Kay herself, finding out more about what the message of the brand is, I really loved the fact that Mary Kay always encourages to live by the golden rule. Meaning, treat others the way you wanna be treated and that’s something that was instilled in me from my childhood and that I live by every day. I think it’s a company with values, it’s a company that really embraces people from all ethnicities as they are available over the world. That’s something I really love. So, I think it’s a brand with a purpose and a brand with difference and I really like that.


Q: If there’s just one beauty must have, what is that beauty must have?

A: Besides a beautiful smile, I would say that the right foundation. Finding a foundation that not only matches your skin but enhances the whole look.


Q: What is your message for aspiring makeup artists in the Philippines?

A: You know I would say look for a great mentor. I had some great mentors myself and I think some of the best things you can do is to first of all, embrace social media and follow the people you admire and try contacting them via direct message. 9 times out of 10 you might not hear from them but that one time they might give you an encouraging word or you might be able to get an assisting gig out of it. Last thing I would say is practice makes perfect. Practice, practice, practice and post everything. Even if it is a mistake, weeks down the line or years down the line you might be able to look at that picture and help you to grow. Keep on growing and believing in yourself.


Q: What’s in store for Luis Casco in the coming months?

A: It’s a little bit of what I am doing now, which is helping Mary Kay to create new products. I have also written a bestseller book that came out 4 years ago called #Beautiful that was all about make-up and how it relates to selfies. In 2019, I’ll be releasing another book called “Beauty Unfiltered” that’s all about not worrying about filters because in reality, we have no filter. I really wanted to communicate to people that it is fine to use a filter and to post away however you want to but how we look in reality is after all, very important.


Step 1: Preparation

  • Apply LumiVie moisturizer and Intensive Serum all over the face and neck;
  • Apply Timewise 3D eye cream around the eyes;
  • Apply Mary Kay satin lips: shea butter balm to prep the lips and keep it moisturized.



Mary Kay LumiVie Moisturizer and Serum; Mary Kay LumiVie Intensive Serum; Timewise 3D Eye Cream; Mary Kay Satin Lips: Shea Butter Balm


Step 2: Base

  • Apply the Mary Kay matte-wear foundation with a liquid foundation brush;
  • Tap the powder brush into the powder, then gently blow or tap off any excess. After that, sweep the loose powder onto the face to set the liquid foundation;
  • Apply the Mary Kay perfecting concealer under the eyes, nose line, and chin.


Mary Kay Perfecting Concealer, Mary Kay Translucent Powder, Mary Kay Timewise Matte-Wear Liquid Foundation


Step 3: Eyes

  • Before doing eye make up, apply eyebrow mascara to define the brows;
  • To start things off, first use a light/neutral color of eyeshadow and apply it across the entire lid from the inner corner and above the crease;
  • Apply liquid eyeliner starting from the tip of the eye going inward;
  • Apply a “shimmery” shade of eyeshadow in the middle lid of the eye;
  • Curl lashes;
  • To create an even more dramatic look, apply another layer of mascara, this time use the lash Intensity mascara for fuller lashes and use a pencil eyeliner for the lower lid of your eyes.



Mary Kay Brow Definer Pencil; Mary Kay Eyeliner Pen; Mary Kay Chromafusion Eyeshadow; Mary Kay Lash Love Waterproof Mascara; May Kay Lash Intensity Mascara


Step 4: Cheeks

  • Apply highlight just above the cheekbones;
  • For the cheeks, apply the Mary Kay Mineral cheek colour in Rose Champagne.



Mary Kay Mineral Cheek Color


Step 5: Lips

  • Apply the Mary Kay At Play Matte Liquid pop color in the shade “Pink it over”;
  • For the night look, mix the Mary Kay at Play Matte Liquid pop color in the shade “Vivid violet”.


Mary Kay At Play Matte Liquid Lip Color


Step 6: Finishing Touch

  • Using the Mary Kay setting spray, spray in an X and T motion in order for the whole face to absorb the product.

Key product:

Mary Kay Makeup Finishing Spray