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The Horoyoi Happy Hour Makeup Collection Gives You A Fake Drunk Glow

Getting that drunk flush is easy with these picks, minus the hangover.

A makeup collection that gets you to look like you drank a lot minus the nasty hangover (and ugly, smudged eyeliner)? You read that right. These days, watching the number of alcoholic drinks you consume is actually the cool thing to do.

Horoyoi, a popular Japanese drink, advocates responsible drinking, and having a good time minus drunk texts, massive migraines, and possible dangers often associated with binge drinking. This doesn't mean you miss out on the 'Igari' look though, a cult-favorite Japanese makeup trend that achieves that drunk blush glow. 

With Horoyoi's 3% alcohol content, women can let loose, have fun, and have a good time without going overboard. And for a limited time, they launched a makeup line that allows us makeup aficionados achieve that coveted drunk blush look without even taking a single sip.


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The happy hour-inspired makeup collection is inspired by Horoyoi's flavors, and are aptly named 'Happy Hour' blush, 'Say Cheers!' liquid lipstick, and the 'Glow Home' liquid highlighter. 


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For more information, check out Horoyoi Philippines.