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How To Get Smudge-Proof Eyebrows That Last For Days

Tired of losing those perfect eyebrows you painstakingly took time out to draw in the morning? Or ever get sad whenever you have to wash your face at the end of the day? If you’re not lucky enough to be blessed with thick, perfectly arched eyebrows, then you’ve most likely mastered filling in and defining them to a T! But the problem here is, while you perfectly stenciled your brows, they end up smudged and imperfect come afternoon.

So instead of living the rest of your life chained to your time consuming daily eyebrow routine, wouldn't it be nice to have a pair that won’t budge, no matter what? We know we want those! In case you haven’t heard yet, here's a game-changing eyebrow gel that claims itself to be waterproof, budge-proof and transfer-proof. Meet Wunderbrow.  

When you purchase the kit, you will find a tube and a spoolie brush inside. And not like your usual eyebrow products, the applicator of Wunderbrow comes with a small angled brush at the end—perfect for sculpting, feathering and shaping your brows. When you apply the product, it can easily hold the brow hairs together, which is why a spoolie is essential to actually get it down in the strands. The product itself is very tinted and creamy, so it brushes through nicely without building up on itself too quickly.



Don't be scared of the semi permanency of this product—Wunderbrow washes off after three days from one application! But for sure, you can still touch it up every morning, to keep your brows even. No matter how much you enjoy filling them in everyday, this product will surely give you one less thing to worry about every morning. We're all for saving time these days after all, aren't we? 


Lead photos from @wunder2cosmetics