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Ina Raymundo And Daughter Erika Share Tips On Rocking Hues

The new Ready.Set.Glow endorsers encourage Filipinas to add more color to their looks!

Mother-and-daughter tandem Ina Raymundo and Erika Mae Poturnak are the epitome of sexy, bold femmes that exude confidence and beauty like no other. It’s hard to look at this duo and not have a second glimpse—their striking visuals are truly an aspiration for modern Filipinas!


“We wanted somebody who can embody what the brand stands for,” Co-Founder and Creative Director Marian Lao Siggaoat says. “Ms. Ina is not just beautiful—she’s multitalented, confident, and comfortable in her own skin. Erika is as beautiful and talented as her mom, and she speaks her mind and knows what she wants.”


During Ready.Set.Glow.’s launch of their new endorsers, Ina and Erika offered some tricks and tips on how to rock a bold, colorful look even when you're spending the day indoors, especially with the pandemic still keeping us isolated in our homes. “The obvious choice is eyeliners,” the 18-year-old shares. She urges women to match or complement your choice of makeup hue with your outfit for a well-thought-of overall look. Meanwhile, her mother—a self-confessed lippie addict—advises to go all out on the lips. “I would apply lip balm first. Then lip pencil, then lippie, and then lip plumper,” Ina says.


The ladies also dished out on other beauty advice. “I've always believed in less is more when it comes to beauty regimen,” Ina muses. Her secret lies in ‘preparing yourself from within,’ as she describes, like keeping yourself hydrated and eating healthy, all while adding a little help from a few products like moisturizer and serum. But when it comes to makeup, "I really enjoy lippies and eyeliners—I love Ready.Set.Glow.’s Savage! and OMG! Eyeliners, and I’m so happy that they have the best lip colors!” she beams.

Ina’s daughter, on the other hand, pushes more women to have fun with the eyes. “I tend to stick to a more natural look, but I really am obsessed with the eyes,” Erika shares. “I love adding pops of color.”


To further promote rocking hues to fellow Filipinas, the brand revealed an upcoming collaboration line with the two—which all beauty aficionados have to look forward to soon!

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