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Ever Bilena Woman Jodi Sta. Maria Shares The Makeup Products She Cannot Live Without

2019 is proving to be a year full of blessings for mom, actress, jet-setter, psychology student, acupuncture detoxification specialist, and Metro.Style "Ageless Beauty" cover star Jodi Sta. Maria. With the multiple hats she wears, it's truly amazing how she does it all with aplomb. Her beauty, talent and determination, kind heart, and authenticity are what constantly endears her to her millions of followers.


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These are the exact reasons she was deemed perfect to be the newest face of Ever Bilena. Recently, she was also introduced as H&M Studio SS19 ambassador for the brand's "Glam Explorer" collection, a project that brought her to the extremely scenic Sedona, Arizona. Now, she's celebrating yet another wonderful opportunity, representing this homegrown beauty brand and inspiring women like her to be the best version of themselves.   

"She is beautiful, genuine, and inspirational in all the roles that she plays on screen and in real life, an embodiment of what it means to represent Ever Bilena," Ever Bilena's Denice Sy-Muñez says of Jodi. These qualities are also part of what makes an "Ever Bilena Woman" beautiful—like Jodi, she is someone who loves having fun with makeup, who knows what looks good on her and confidently wears it, and most importantly, someone who knows her personality well and allows her individuality to be mirrored in her beauty choices. 


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Jodi believes that good makeup does start with good skin, so she prioritizes moisturizing, hydrating, and healthy eating. When you have a good canvas, putting on makeup becomes more fun.

Asked what products she cannot live without, she says, "Eyebrow pencil, cheek tint, and matte lipstick." As someone who prefers simplicity over complexity, Jodi is pretty laid-back when it comes to her beauty looks, but that is not to say, of course, that she doesn't welcome trying out new looks sometimes as well. She's now at a point in her life where she's already sure of what her best features are and is even more aware of how to play them up exactly.   


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Below are Jodi's top 3 picks from Ever Bilena:


Ever Original Pencil


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This pencil may be used to fill in gaps in your brows or trace the shape of your lash line. You'll love its rich, creamy formula! It's a great product to enhance your eyes. It's available in brown and black; Jodi prefers brown.  


EB Lip & Cheek Stain


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When Jodi doesn't have any showbiz-related schedule, she likes to keep things simple. But simplicity is not synonymous to being plain-looking, and the mere effort of dabbing this product on your cheeks or lips can make a beautiful difference. It gives the face an ample amount of color to brighten up one's look. It's available in four variants: Splash Red, Toast of NY, Uptown Red, and Night Berry.   



EB Matte Lipstick


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This line of lipstick features universally flattering shades that go from bold reds to sexy neutrals. Though matte, it's enriched with vitamin E so it doesn't dry out the lips.


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