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Maymay Entrata’s Makeup Artist Gifted Us With A Step-By-Step K-Beauty Makeup Tutorial

Let Maymay's go-to makeup artist Owen Sarmiento teach you how to get that coveted K-Beauty look!

Maymay Entrata is easily one of our biggest celebrity beauty inspirations today. She’s shown up on the red carpet and magazine covers many times with some of the most awesome beauty looks, mastering everything from casual waves and luminous skin to dramatic cat eye and bold eyeshadow, to name a few.
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Since we never cease to be inspired by her beauty, we paid a visit to her makeup artist Owen Sarmiento’s Instagram account and admired his latest beauty post on Maymay. And look what we've found: Maymay sporting an unusual but perfectly fitting K-Beauty-inspired face that honestly looks pretty amazing on her! 

Owen, the man behind some of her most iconic makeup moments, just did a K-Beauty inspired look on our favorite funny girl. According to him, “It first came about as our team wanted Maymay to look a little more fair, contrary to how we usually see her, which is a morena beauty.” 

“I always try to make her look different each time because she is seen everywhere. Para walang sawa factor,” the makeup expert added. 

If we may say, this look is K-Beauty perfection. Maymay’s skin looks glowingly soft and smooth, and the colors on her eyes, cheeks and lips perfectly complement one other. 

If you think her look is amazing, luckily, Owen shared a step-by-step guide on how to achieve Maymay’s Instagram-worthy makeup. Read on to for his expert tips:

Opt for a foundation that is a shade lighter to your skin tone. 

“I opted for a foundation that's a shade lighter so her skin will look fairer. K-beauty requires that glass-looking, smooth skin. But instead I did a satin finish just so the makeup will hold longer because she had several appearances that day. But I think as long as you keep the skin looking clean, soft and smooth, you are good to go!”


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Apply your bronzer, highlighter and contour subtly. 

“Very subtle application of bronzer on the sides of her forehead and temples and slight contours from the base of her brows towards the sides of the nose.”


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Work on pink, peach and orange shades. 

“Peach, orange, pink and red orange eyeshadows around the eyes concentrating on the outer corners especially on the lower eyelids, all delicately blown and blended out. These colors make the skin look fairer, I think. Apply a pale shimmery eyeshadow on the center of both upper and lower eyelids. Down turned dark brown eyeliner for that innocent expression of the eyes, curled Maymay's natural lashes and applied mascara. The brows were groomed in a more straight pattern.”


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Apply blush on the high points of your cheeks.

“Apply blush on the high points of the cheeks, very lightly connected to the eyeshadow on the outer corners.”


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Do a subtle ombre lip look.

“Do ombre lips with peach all over, then a red-orange color on the center.”


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Lead photos from @jayweehair and @makeupartbyowen