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Keep The Stars In Yours Eyes: How To Level Up The Metallic Eyes For The Holidays


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Nothing makes a holiday beauty statement like shimmering, metallic eyes. The way the light catches your eyes, like a twinkle or flash, as your lids flutter will certainly have any beholder mesmerized. Luckily, metallic and shimmering eye makeup comes in abundance, and anyone can just pat them on for an instant eye look. But, for some of us who want to go the extra mile for the holidays, here’s a couple of methods you can do to amp up the shine, or improve the staying power of your shimmering, metallic eyes.


Start with a shimmering base

Don’t be afraid to layer up that shine! Using a shimmering primer, or a metallic, cream shadow upon first application, then top off with a matching metallic powder to add more intensity. Plus, shimmering cream shadows are also a good way to make your lids more crease-proof.

Make Up Forever Aqua Waterproof Cream Color


Apply with wet brush

You want your brush to just be damp, and not dripping. Powder eyeshadows will then apply more intensely, as the bristles grab more product.


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Use a fix spray

Although water is enough to help the brushes grab more product, a fixing spritz help out with more staying power. Just spray the bristles (don’t overdo it), and your good to go. Some popular fixing sprays include MAC Fix Plus, or are sold with shadows like Stila Magnificent Metals Foil Finish Eyeshadows

Stila Magnificent Metals Foil Finish Eyeshadows


Use eye drops, or contact lens solution

Talk about making your stuff multi-functional! A drop of your usual eye dropper, or contact lens solution will also make your shimmering powders into high-impact finishes, making them intense and long-wearing.

Systane Ultra Eye Drops


Last, but not least, have fun and enjoy the holidays! Because nothing makes your eyes sparkle like pure joy!


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