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We're Obsessed With 'World Of The Married' Star Kim Hee-Ae's Look On The Cover of Elle Korea

Ageless at 54, Kim Hee-Ae graces the cover of a Korean glossy looking like the power woman she is

Just like that, top-rated Korean drama series 'The World of the Married" has come to an end! We're still reeling from the explosive last few moments that led to the finale, where we finally put our expectations to rest. Whether you liked the finale or not, it was a wild 16-episode ride, and we can only say kudos to the entire team, especially the cast led by power actress Kim Hee-Ae. 

The 54-year old ageless beauty took us through every tear, every sweat and blood shed throughout the entire series looking like a pro, and even in the most tragic parts of it, she exuded grace, which is hard to come by these days. The veteran actress proved that looking good isn't just in the makeup or hair, it's a state of being. And that's how she does it again, in the glossy cover of Elle Korea.


Kim Hee Ae Of 'World Of The Married' Is Ageless At 54. Here Are Her Secrets!


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In their June issue, she dons a sexier vibe which is still chic, but way different from her wholesome career woman looks in the show. While we lusted over her fashionable ensembles in TWOTM, we also did our digging on her skincare and makeup secrets, which is a must considering that she's already in her 50s, but doesn't look a day past 40! 

We love how this photo shoot displays a rather risqué side of her, clad in Tiffany & Co. jewels and understated outfits that show some skin, her glamorous subtle smoky eyes and neutral lip stand out. We also noticed her bob, which was given some sexy volume, as it became the perfect complement to the overall understated elegance look. 

Kim Hee-Ae, just like her character Ji Sun-Woo, pushes women to stand on her own two feet, and stay in power no matter what life throws at her. As she continues to journey through her life in show biz, when asked about how she continues to take on each challenge—in her Elle Korea interview, she says, "I always think this is the last time. When can I play this role again and again? I think it basically comes from the person's thoughts or mind, whether he is acting or not. Even at the moment when I'm not an actor, I seem to have to put a lot of effort into making myself better. In that regard, I am also a progressive person.”

And that, we believe, no matter what makeup or skincare product you use—is what makes you a beautiful person in the end.

Lead photos via Elle Korea


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