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Kylie Cosmetics Launched Its First Ever Vending Machine

Care for a lip kit during your layover? Get it at the Las Vegas airport!

Makeup vending machines is not a new concept. Several makeup brands such as Benefit Cosmetics, M.A.C, Essie, Honest Beauty, The Body Shop and Sephora have had them for a while at the airports, and they're pretty much life savers for beauty emergencies, plus they make the sweetest last-minute gift options!

And yes, the latest to join the vending machine trend is none other than cult favorite makeup brand Kylie Cosmetics!

But of course, as beauty junkies, this doesn’t mean that we get any less excited when a new one pops up especially if it’s from Kylie Cosmetics. 


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This week, the 22-year-old makeup mogul Kylie Jenner announced the news on Instagram in a post that shows off what the product-packed machines look like along with a caption that reveals all the details. “Our first ever vending machines!! Hello Las Vegas!! ✈️ if you’re traveling through Vegas McCarran Airport stop by and grab a lip kit! We are in domestic Terminal D by gate D17 and International Terminal E by gate E9!”

In a sentimental post about the new launch, Kylie says, “this makes me so happy I just launched my first ever @kyliecosmetics vending machines at McCarran International Airport in Las Vegas!!”


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As for what you can purchase from the vending machines, they’re packed with Kylie’s signature Lip Kits in various yummy shades, as well as special collectible items such as the 'You’re So Money Baby' Eye Shadow Palette and the Bronzer Extended Eye Shadow Palette, among others. Exciting, right?

Kylie is no stranger to vending machines. If you can still remember, during her “Official Kylie Jenner Office Tour” video on YouTube, she showed viewers a champagne vending machine right inside their office with her Kylie Cosmetics' iconic lip logo on it. 

So, if you happen to travel to Las Vegas or just have a layover at their airport, be sure not to miss on Kylie Cosmetics' vending machine shop! Happy shopping!

Lead photos from Kylie Jenner