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Lady Gaga And Ariana Grande Switch Beauty Looks For Rain On Me Music Video

Take a closer look at their killer beauty moments here!

The highly anticipated music video for Lady Gaga and Ariana Grande’s new song collab “Rain on Me,” is finally out! And with their incredible vocals, irresistible beat, and epic music video, it seems like there's no stopping this song from becoming the song of year. As they say, 'RIP replay button'. 


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If you watched the music video, it opens with Lady Gaga, lying on stage in the pouring rain in a bright pink latex bodysuit and over-the-knee boots. Her hair is pink, cascading down from a messy middle part with bangs. Ariana then appears in her signature mini skirt and sky-high ponytail.

Nearly two minutes into the video, however, the tables quite literally turn—and with that moment, fans have predictably gone wild over their switching of looks! Lady Gaga switched her hair look to a high, half-up, purply ponytail with a face-framing tendril up front, with a striking white graphic eyeliner. As for Ariana, it’s at this time that we get to see her sans ponytail, with her hair down in a rare, middle-parted look with the occasional blonde streak.

Lady Gaga Rain on Me beauty look Lady Gaga rocks Ariana's usual sky-high ponytail, plus white graphic eyeliner. 


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Ariana Grande Rain on Me beauty look Ariana wears the floating eyeliner trend, and glossy lips throughout.

But if you think the surprises are over, wait until you reach two minutes and 11 seconds into the video. Lady Gaga and Ariana are seen from behind, holding hands as their seemingly endless hair blows around in flawless ripples. It's like a beauty tutorial video on steroids.

Although the singers’ hair are arguably the stars of the music video, we can’t ignore their stunning makeup looks as well, especially Ariana’s gold and white eyeliner looks, and Lady Gaga’s streaks of crystal tears. Needless to say, it’ll be hard for anyone to outdo both the song and the video’s beauty looks for the rest of 2020. 

Watch full video here:


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