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“Lustrous”: Nadine Lustre Makes History As First Local Celebrity To Create Full Makeup Line With An International Brand


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Set in an intimate, yet lively Friday dinner in Flossom Kitchen + Café, Nadine Lustre’s grand unveiling of her makeup collection, in partnership with BYS Cosmetics, set the mood for a record-making collection. The “Lustrous” collection, which is comprised of eye makeup, lip tints, contour and eye palettes, is historically set to be the first ever, full makeup collection in collaboration with a local Filipina celebrity and an international brand.


“I’m really, really happy and I feel so privileged that BYS gave me an opportunity to create and put out my own makeup line.”, says a nervous yet giddy Nadine, who is officially the Chief Creative Designer for the “Lustrous” line. “It’s really, really fun making the collection. I love that I was able to put my full creative input in it.”, she says as she thanks BYS cosmetics.



Michael Carandang, Marketing Director of Iface Inc., which is the exclusive distributor of BYS Cosmetics in the Philippines, notes how there are many talented and beautiful celebrities in the Philippines for sure, but Nadine was chosen by BYS Cosmetics for specific reasons.

“First, personally, we think [Nadine] is a woman of influence.”, explains Michael. “She stands on her own. She’s a modern Filipina, in a way that when she believes in something, she’ll stand up for what she believes in.”

“Number two, I love that she represents the morena beauty!”, he adds, understanding the power of representation in beauty. Young girls will look up to Nadine, see that they have the same skin color and know that they are beautiful, he says as the room gives a warm cheer.

Lastly, Michael reasons that, “[Nadine] is someone who I feel has always been true to herself. And I think BYS has always believed that when we choose to work with someone, this person has to know who she is, or she wouldn’t be able to make a product that everyone loves.”



The “Lustrous” collection is set to be released on April 15, 2018.

Lead photo from @lustrousph