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Make Up For Men? James Reid’s Grooming Artist Mac Igarta Shows Us How To Do It Right

For the longest time now, the skincare and cosmetics industries have long been dominated by women, and have the common misconception that makeup and skincare is reserved for females. For generations, makeup has been closely linked to glamour and femininity. But these days, it's evident that the world of beauty is steadily becoming more and more inclusive, making people of all skin colors, genders, and backgrounds gain visibility in the industry!



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It's no secret that more and more men are indulging in makeup and skincare products nowadays. The theme of inclusivity is felt most especially in the cosmetics industry—take big beauty brands Tom Ford and Chanel, plus a handful of K-Beauty brands like The Face Shop for example, as they put men at the center of their marketing campaigns, launching a handful of male-centric products. 



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Like women, a lot of men are also becoming more and more conscious about their looks, and are becoming much more well-versed in the world of beauty. They search high and low for the perfect face powder and foundation, lip balm, and even cheek tints to look their A+ selves! This is very much evident in male celebrities as they aim to appear in their best state possible, as they continuously get photographed and stand under sweat-inducing spotlights day after day. 



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And with this, we talked to one of the most sought-after celebrity grooming artists in the industry today—Mac Igarta! We picked his brain to share some of his best kept grooming tips for men who want to look good, but not necessarily look too made up. Here are some of his best ones for our male readers out there:

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“If you have a nice skin, don’t cover it. Have a good skincare routine. Don’t over mattify it. Natural healthy skin is not matte,” he shares.

As for the proper ways to apply grooming products, “Skincare first! Apply primer and then top it with a powder foundation that is a tone darker than your skin tone. If you need to cover some imperfections or discoloration, just cover the spot that needs coverage.”


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To see more of Mac Igarta's best grooming works on James Reid, Daniel Matsunaga and Marco Gumabao, scroll through our gallery below:



Lead photos via Mac Igarta