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Make The Most Of These Makeup Multi-Sticks Perfect For The Busy Woman


Ever had the dilemma of not knowing what makeup bring for the simple reason that you don't want to over-pack or lug around such a big bag daily? Trust us, we've been there! It's simply unreasonable to have to leave the house bringing your entire makeup kit with you because you only really need a few key items for touch-ups throughout the day!

Thankfully, we discovered the latest products made for the busy gal who needs hard-working products that are equally easy to use! Introducing Careline's latest line of "Multi Sticks", a collection of six paraben-free, cruelty-free makeup sticks that target different daily needs. We'd like to imagine them as the only "pens" we need for our kit, as each one is able to address our daily beauty dilemmas.



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In this collection are the following: The "Blur Stick" meant as a primer and pore minimizer, the "Brighten Stick" for concealing or as a foundation, the "Contour Stick" made for sculpting the face to create depth and let your best features stand out, the "Rose" and "Peach" sticks that serve as blushers for your cheeks for a subtle, natural glow that also double as color-correctors on different parts of your face, and last but not least, the "Strobe Stick" made for highlighting the high points of your face. 

Sold at P199 per stick, we know we're rushing to our favorite department store STAT to get ourselves one each for our kit, and we're all set!



Lead photos via Careline