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Find Out Albert Kurniawan's Best Makeup Tricks—Straight From This Beauty Expert!

Indonesian makeup master Albert Kurniawan was one of the most sought-after workshoppers at Aquafina bottle water’s #BestBeginsNow launch. Known for his clean, utterly captivating fresh makeup looks on some of the Philippines’ most beautiful faces, people took turns waiting in line just to be able to get top-notch beauty advice from Heart Evangelista’s makeup artist of choice. She is one of Albert’s top-of-mind VIP clients when it comes to the cosmetic artistry he is famous for.





What’s a positive note or advantage when it comes to applying makeup on morena skin?

“As a makeup artist, one of my favorite things is doing makeup on morena skin because you just need to improvize a bit. It’s less effort actually. Uso kasi ngayon 'yung mga dewy skin and illuminators, all these look good on deeper skintones.”  



Do you have any specific tips about testing makeup shades on yourself?

“Always test the cosmetic color on your face directly, kasi sometimes women buy makeup and test it on their hand—that never works. Always test the makeup on your cheek or sometimes, if your skin is sensitive, test it on your neck because this is the most sensitive part.”



What makeup technique can people improve on and what mistakes should they avoid?

“Contour is always a woman’s best friend. A common mistake is they use contour powder with shimmer. Some friends I know used to use bronzer to contour their face, but the problem is sparkle actually bounces light instead of deepening the area. [In contour] proper placement is very important. A lot of women sometimes masyadong gigil when they apply contour, that’s not the right thing to do. You just need a bit of contour underneath the cheekbone hollow, then blush just to make the rest glow.”



Are there any methods you would never leave out of your makeup application routine?

“I’m a makeup artist who believes there are other things more important than makeup, like skincare. Even if I will be left with less time to do the makeup I will never, never skip out the skincare or preparation steps. When you prep your skin properly—rehydrating your skin enough—it can help boost the condition of the skin and help make the makeup application last longer.”



What makeup tricks does Heart never leave home without?

“Heart will never leave her bathroom without her brows done. Right after taking a shower, she’ll fix herself and her eyebrows right away. Also, she won’t leave her house without inner corner highlighter (by the eyes). The rest she can forget about them, but she always does both.”



Photography by Julia Arenas / Additional photo from @abtkurniawan