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Cop Martine Cajucom's Perfect Cat-Eye Look With This Waterproof Eyeliner

It’s not easy to find the best makeup products that work perfectly for one’s skin type and facial features. But once you do find what suits you best, that product becomes a staple in your vanity kit.

Finding the perfect eyeliner is probably one of the most difficult cosmetic-related problems you’ll ever encounter. Not only is it hard to come across the right formula that will not leave you with smudgy, blotchy eyes at the end of the day, the easy-to-apply construction of the pen also factors in. And these are essential things to consider especially when you’re creating that perfect winged eye.

Ever Bilena has launced a new product that’s worth trying: EB Pro Eye Liner. Model, entrepreneur, social media influencer, and It girl Martine Cajucom swears by this product, and she used it to create this stunning cat-eye look:




Here are four reasons why EB Pro Eye Liner deserves a space in your makeup kit:


1. It is designed with a thin liner tip.

Anyone who’s ever encountered an eye liner problem knows that the tip makes such a big difference. You would want one whose tip can get to even the hard-to-reach areas. This retractable eye liner allows precise application and makes it possible to get close to the lash root and tightline efficiently. The result is an illusion of fuller lashes.


2. It glides on smoothly.

And because it does, it creates cleaner lines and never tugs at your skin.


3. It has a creamy formula that comes with moisturizing ingredients.

It doesn’t dry up the skin because it has nourishing ingredients that keep the skin soft.


4. It’s waterproof.

A waterproof eye liner is a definite must-have, especially if you don’t really have time to retouch your eyeliner or re-apply it in the middle of a busy day. With this formula, this eyeliner won’t smudge even due to sweat or tears.   


The EB Pro Eye Liner is available in Ebony and Chocolate shades in all beauty stores across the country for P130.


Photo from @everbilenaofficial