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Martine Cajucom Tells Us Why Sunnies Face Is Your Next Beauty Obsession



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Yesterday, trendy and hip sunglass brand Sunnies Studios finally unveiled their new cosmetics line, Sunnies Face, starting off with nude and red lipstick shades. The expansion to the Sunnies brand has been in the works for the past few months, with ‘It’ girls Martine Cajucom and Jess Wilson posting selfies of themselves wearing the lipstick, while adoring followers eagerly want to find out what brand they were wearing. Despite some hacking incident in their Instagram reveal, the Sunnies Face launch went really well, with followers eagerly marking their calendars for the official launch on August 8, 2018, proving that the hype is real.


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After an exciting online reveal, we caught up with Sunnies Studio Creative Director Martine Cajucom on the scoop behind Sunnies Face, and what exciting future it holds for them. “[Sunnies Face lipstick] is everything we could’ve dreamed of in a lipstick.”, she shares. “Our box literally says ‘best lip ever’ on it, and we wholeheartedly believe that. We encourage everyone to just give it a try, so they can see what we mean.”



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Not much is revealed about other upcoming products from Sunnies Face yet, but Martine does elaborate on what we can look forward to. “Our first drop is our Fluffmattel lipsticks! It comes in 9 shades that we have lovingly and painstakingly edited for months.”, she says. “When we were developing the range, the number one thing we kept in mind is that every shade needs to look and feel amazing on every skin tone. The finish is a beautiful matte but is never drying, and makes your lips feel plumper and moisturized. I love using it on my lids and cheeks too as a multi-stick.”




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Martine shares how the lipstick shades were inspired by ‘girl crushes’, like international fashion icon Alexa Chung, and local darling Hannah Pangilinan. But it’s also focused on the needs of the local market; Sunnies Face’s slogan ‘beauty that gets you’ assures that it is out to please the girl who wants it all. To explain further, she remarks, “[Sunnies Face lipsticks is] an edit of the most wearable shades, so you know every color is the best and most flattering version of that shade.”

Apart from color, Sunnies Face also know that customers want the best bang for their buck. “It’s knowing what you look for in makeup”, remarks Martine, who has ensured to meet the client’s demand for a luxury formula that is cruelty and paraben-free, with great selections and packaging. “And making it at a price point that is accessible.”  Each lippie costs about 345php.


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But above all, Martine guarantees that these lipsticks have their personal touch; that it’s not just a typical manufactured line, but a work of love from fellow beauty-addicts. “We create things we love and wear ourselves.”, she says. “We get the market, because we are the market, too.”


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