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Maymay Entrata’s Makeup Artist Shares Tips For Achieving The Winged Eyeshadow Look

Over time, our favorite funny girl Maymay Entrata has proven that she can pull off a lot of different makeup looks. We’ve seen her wear the freshest no-makeup makeup trend, glamorous bronzed goddess looks, sparkly, colored eyes and a whole lot more. Without a doubt, she's become a beauty chameleon we love looking to for makeup inspiration!

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One look at Owen Sarmiento’s Instagram feed and we noticed how he loves creating the winged eyeshadow look on Maymay—and TBH, we’re obsessed with it! “Maymay’s eyes are a little bit small, with the outer corners slighty upwards. The first few times that I worked with her, I wanted to make her eyes appear bigger. But as I continue to learn what would work best for her, I realized that the natural contours of her eyes suggests wing-shaped eyeshadows,” he said.  

To see her best winged eyeshadow looks, check out this gallery below:


“Maymay also has a heart-shaped face, meaning her forehead and temples are wider and it narrows down towards her chin. The winged eyeshadow look somehow helps to narrow the negative space around her temples to give the illusion of a more oval face shape,” Owen continued.



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The look might seem hard to pull off than our usual cat eye, but with the right tools and tricks, it’s actually incredibly simple. Ahead, Owen shared more tips and tricks to show you exactly how to master the trend.


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“I find it a lot easier to first map out the shape of the wing. May it be with the use of tape, point system with a nude lipliner, or just be brave and apply your eyeshadow with a small brush to create the angle and the length you want.”

As for the application, Owen recommends to start from the outer corner of your upper lash line going towards the tail of your brows, draw the diagonal shape upwards. Then towards the inner corner of the eyes through the crease.

He also suggests that when you create the shape, look straight into the mirror, decide where you want the colors to shift and fade. “It's up to you how small or how blown out you want your winged eyeshadow. Just keep in mind to blend the edges very well with a clean brush. If you are not sure of the outcome, step back and look into the mirror and see where you should remove or add more.”


Lead photos from @owensarmiento