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Here Are The Best Expert Beauty Tips We Learned At The METRO MOMCON Event!

Check out all the amazing makeup, hair styling, and hair health tips for busy moms out there!

It's no secret that mothers take on such a challenging role at home—wearing multiple hats day in and day out, oftentimes leaving them with little to no time to care for themselves. But as we all know, a little self-love often goes a long way. These days when majority of moms are cooped up at home, virtual events and social gatherings have become part of their new normal already.

To help them gain confidence to turn their cameras on for Zoom, the recently-concluded METRO MOMCON conducted a workshop on 'Zoom-Glam in 5 Minutes' with some of our favorite beauty experts including Albert Kurniawan, Celebrity Makeup Artist & Teviant Founder, Lourd Ramos, Professional Hairstylist & Owner of Creations by Lourd group of salons, Dra. Risa Caldoza-de Leon, Skincare Physician, and Dra. Cecilia Catapang, VIP Coach. Scroll further to check out some of their top tips!

How To Achieve Soap Brows


How To Achieve Soap Brows


MAKEUP with Albert Kurniawan

Albert is an expert in all things quick makeup—he's an expert at elaborately done makeup looks for brides and celebrities, but he's no stranger to providing tips and tricks for the regular gal who wants to up her beauty game too! In this session, Albert talked about some key products and techniques to cop, to achieve a quick glam look which anyone can absolutely achieve—yes, even busy moms!

Check out the top tips from Albert's session:

  • Eyebrows should never be compromised. You can try Teviant's new Brow Mate to fill in the gaps in your brows to create a fuller look.
  • Curl your lashes.
  • Apply a little mascara, but not too much. You don't want to look like you made so much effort. 
  • Apply liquid eyeliner onto the edges of your eyes only. You don't need a full liner. Just connect it to the lash line and immediately it creates better eyes.
  • Choose any cheek color, whether it be blush, highlighter, or contour. 
  • Of the three, Albert recommends blush and highlighter, because contour may take more time. The proper application of blush and highlighter can already make you look contoured.
  • Highlighter helps create a glow without much effort. You can even put highlighter on the highest point of your brows because it creates a 'just showered' look. 
  • If you have eye bags or dark circles, one blush trick you can do is to place it higher on your cheek near your eye bags. By doing that, you're changing the focal point!
  • Use a small blending brush to add the blush to the lids of your eyes to create a 'mestiza' look.
  • Use lipstick in a flattering shade like Teviant's Forty One. It instantly brightens your face, and makes you look youthful and fresh, despite how busy you are!
  • If you're not used to wearing a pink lipstick, you can put your favorite lipstick first, then put a second layer of the lipstick shade you want to try! That way, you get used to it. 


HAIR with Lourd Ramos

The action-packed session on hair was truly filled with tips and tricks for hairstyling and haircare, by none other than Celebrity Hairstylist and Entrepreneur Lourd Ramos! The guru for all things hair shared a ton of things we should be mindful of in ensuring our hair is in tip top shape, as well as quick styling tips we can totally pull off for all those Zoom sessions ahead. Scroll further!

Check out the top tips from Lourd's session:

  • Shampoo and condition your hair everyday! You need this to get rid of dirt and free radicals that are accumulated from the house, especially if you head out of the house. 
  • Make sure to finish off your shower with cold, rather than hot water. We need to go back to the pH level of 5.5 of our scalp and hair to avoid falling hair and dandruff. 
  • You need to invest in shampoo and conditioner. You have at least 4 kinds. 1) Nourishing Shampoo for everyday, 2) Anti-Dandruff Shampoo as a detox formulation at least once a month, 3) Color Care Shampoo & Conditioner, 4) pH level 5.5 balanced or Organic Shampoo and Conditioner for super fine hair or curly hair. 
  • We need to shampoo and condition our hair every day, especially now that it's summer. When we do this, we avoid dandruff, oily scalp, dry scalp, etc. 
  • You still need to do this because you sweat daily! Acidity messes with the pH level of your scalp.
  • Air dry your hair if you don't use a hair dryer.
  • Use velcro rollers on top of your hair and on the sides, then while doing makeup, you are already setting your hair. After a few minutes, pull the velcro rollers in a downward manner. 
  • Spray some hair spray onto your brush then brush the hair backwards, while securing hair at the back of your ears for a clean, sleek finish. 


HAIR HEALTH with Dra. Risa Caldoza-de Leon & Dra. Cecilia Catapang

To continue the talk on hair and hair health, we were privileged enough to have two experts grace our workshop to let us in on how we can give a lot more TLC to our crowning glory, our tresses! They also shared the power of Novuhair, an all-natural haircare line that they highly recommend for issue such as hair fall.

Check out our main takeaways from the doctors:

  • One of the main causes of hair fall is stress. 
  • It's normal to lose 50-100 strands of hair, but anything more than that is alarming. 
  • There are different causes of hair fall–it can be hereditary, male pattern baldness, aging, 
  • Because of everything we do to our hair, as much as possible, use products that are all-natural. You can't go wrong. Especially if it's herbal. Novuhair is preferred!
  • Novuhair Lotion can be left on your scalp overnight. Regular use is key to see results.
  • If your diet is poor in vitamin B, you have the tendency to lose hair.
  • Look for ingredients like propylene glycol and parabens—these are what you don't want to see if you want to use a natural product. 
  • Novuhair conducts clinical studies for effectivity! All its ingredients (19) work together for hair health. 
  • Our hair ages too. Novuhair has an anti-aging effect on the hair, by way of centella. 
  • Novuhair also contains peppermint which allows a relieving effect for itchiness, especially during summer. It also has anti-bacterial properties that heals infections on the scalp. Don't be thrown off by the strong scent as it is highly natural and herbal.
  • Be patient with your hair! Results don't happen overnight, or five minutes like makeup.
  • While products may be pricey, we have to invest in high-quality ingredients!
  • If you use shampoos with sulfates, the problem is if you have dandruff, it worsens the situation and has a drying effect because it's harsh. Avoiding sulfates is suggested.

To shop Novuhair goods, click here.

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