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Chic, Effortless Workplace-Friendly Makeup Looks Seen at the Metro.Style x EB Advance Office Tours

Have you always wanted to level up your makeup game to look and feel more like a #GirlBoss at work? Learn how to rock chic office makeup from EB Advance Brand Manager Creole David. 

Office looks can be a little tricky, because you’d want to rock your makeup appropriately without being lackluster, nor a little too extra to merit a memo.

Metro.Style and EB Advance have addressed this common beauty dilemma among corporate ladies during its recently held Metro.Style Office Tours at Globe Tower, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig. Participants were treated with makeover sessions, free lipsticks and of course, makeup tutorials from the EB Advance team.


Creole David, EB Advance brand manager, shared some really amazing makeup tips that you’d want to incorporate in your daily look! Here are some of them:


Master the Base

An overall smooth, stunning makeup finish starts with a flawless base. Creole advises to keep it simple.   

“For a skin-like makeup, you’d never go wrong with BB cream as your base. For busy girls who want to achieve that flawless base in a hurry, the EB Advance BB Cream is perfect because it blends fast and easy. Just a light layer of it on your face is good already. Especially with the EB Advance Paddle Brush, it will make it even easier to blend in your face because of its action.”


If you have additional skin flaws that you want to hide such as pimple scars or dark undereyes, use the EB Advance Perfect Concealer.

“With this amazing concealer, you can look fresh and awake in an instant. If you didn’t get enough sleep, spread it around the undereye. I suggest that you get 1 to 1.5 shade lighter than your skintone for your concealer,” Creole says.

“We do not recommend to apply concealer with a huge, huge triangle under your eyes, because it is a waste of product and also, it’s too heavy for everyday makeup. It’s not ideal for your daily grind. Be smart about your application and the amount of it, and a little amount of concealer is already enough. Concentrate on your under-eyes, sides of the nose and corners of the lips.

Extra Pro-Tip: “Put concealer on the corners of your lips, because it takes away 5 years from your face and you’d look extra youthful. As we grow older, the corners of our lips darken. So applying concealer is an easy way for you to look fresh and young.”


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Add Color First Before You Set

Some of us move on to setting powder right after the base and concealer, but Creole shared that it’s best to apply your cheek tint first to add color.    

The cult favorite EB Advance Lip and Cheek Stain is the perfect choice for that beautiful, effortless everyday look. Even celebrities and beauty queens rave about this product because it’s too good and popular, that its Very Red shade sells at two pieces per second!

“To add color, dab the EB Advance Lip and Cheek Stain on the cheeks without the setting powder yet so it does not clump up and it does not set right away. Dab a small amount on your lips for a subtle, fresh look,” Creole said. “What’s best about this cheek and lip tint is it gives you time to blend it the way you want it because it does not dry too fast. You can go with your regular blush or achieve drunk blush, and it’s gonna blend the way you want it because it’s gel-like. It’s multi-tasking too, good for your lips and cheeks and sometimes, I even put it on my eyelids.


Pro-tip: “Now that you have color, you can finally set with the EB Advance BB Compact

Whitening Powder. It is the perfect match for our BB cream. I love this product because it is not too matte yet it gives you glow. It is not shimmery at all, and gives you that more flawless and skin-like finish. Set it on where your concealer is, right at your oily areas. This product will set it and lock it into place.”

Bonus Alert: The famous EB Advance Cheek Color in the shade of Fig is now available in EB Advance Lip and Cheek Stain. The Fig shade has been popular because it complements all skin tones, and now you can dab it casually in tint.


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Work Your Eyes

According to Creole, the quickest way to add impact to any look is by achieving stunning eyebrows and lashes.

“For working girls like us, we don’t need 20 minutes to have perfect brows.  The EB Advance Brow Define with Paddle Brush can help you achieve beautiful brows in less than a minute. With its creamy formulation, you can fill in your brows faster and easier, as you blend it out with its unique paddle  brush on the other end of the pencil. You can truly achieve perfect brows even in a moving car because it’s so easy to apply, “ she said.

Pro-tip:  “You can always go for any brow color you want and do you, but for a more youthful look, try to stay away from brow products that lean towards the colors of red or orange as they do not look flattering with your natural dark hair. The more natural your brows look, the more youthful you look.”

For alluring lashes, the EB Advance Lash Define Waterproof Mascara is your best bet. It caters to both your top and bottom lashes. The other end is for your usual top lash needs, while the other end has tiny brush for your small fine hairs on your bottom lashes.


Pro-tip: “Apply a little bit of mascara, and by little bit I mean two to three coats of mascara.”

Bonus Alert: “You won’t have a problem removing this mascara. Just put a little water on your lashes, rub it a little and you can just essentially pull off the entire mascara.”


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Amp it Up

For special office events, you might want to level up your everyday makeup look. You can do it without fuss and hassle with a few tricks from EB Advance.

For an instant photogenic look, use the EB Advance Glow-Out Highlighter in Strobe. It simply captures the light and makes your look extra polished. Apply it on your cheekbones and tip of the nose for an enhanced look, and on your cupid’s bow for a poutier lips.  

Pro-Tip: “Apply this highlighter and spray on some mist. The mist will melt the highlighter and it will give you instant Glass Skin.”  


For an instant smokey eye look that can add a little drama to your look, use EB Advance Eye Define Eyeliner. Start with a winged liner, then use its sponge end to smudge the liner. The sponge is so precise, that it is great for a quick, soft, effortless smokey eyes in less than a minute.”

For a more regal-look for your lips, use the EB Advance Lip Define Matte Matic Lipstick in Raw Burgundy. It is one of the new nude lip collection of EB Advance, which offers a range of nude shades that complement morena skin.

“Your lipstick is very powerful. With the right lip color, you can feel empowered and in control. Nude lipstick can make you look regal and chic in an instant.”

Creole shared that if you want to master your makeup, all you have to do is practice.


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“No professional makeup artists were born with superpowers. They got good through practice and that’s what you can do, too. And of course, wear what you want. It’s just makeup, you can always remove it if you think it does not work. Have fun with it because it is meant to be a tool for you to express your mood and level up your confidence with however you want to look!” Creole concluded.  

EB Advance is set to give you exciting offerings this year! Watch out for the EB Advance BB Foundation Stick, Face Trio (your cult faves blush, bronzer and strobe highlighter in one palette) and  new shades of eyeshadows. For more info, like EB Advance’s Facebook page and follow @ebadvance on Instagram.