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The Top 3 Misconceptions About Microblading, And Why You Should Try This Tattooing Technique Now!

As of this writing, on Instagram alone, there are about 13.8 million posts with the hashtag #eyebrows, 9.5 million with #brows, and 2.7 million with #BrowsOnFleek. A quick Google search with "eyebrow makeup tutorials on YouTube" as your keywords will instantly give you 19.4 million results.

These are instant indications of how much people have become obsessed with these face-framing arches in recent years. Perhaps we have Cara Delevingne to thank, for making us appreciate and develop newfound love for perfectly arched, full-bodied yet natural-looking eyebrows. Ever since you laid eyes on her enviable brows, didn't you just wish you can wake up with brows that look like that? #WokeUpLikeThis



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It cannot be emphasized enough how big of a difference eyebrows make to one's face. Your brows truly make or break your look. Many ladies can most likely step out of the house without putting on eyeliner, mascara, blush, highlighter, and/or lipstick—but never without an eyebrow-enhancing product that has become such an ultimate must-have item in any woman's makeup pouch.

According to a United Nations data and Simmons National Consumer Survey (NHCS) conducted this year with approximately 165 million respondents from the US, 79.16 million women in the US used eyebrow pencils in 2018. A quick look around the beauty department store and boutiques in the mall can also prove just how much eyebrow products have been launched in the past few years—from pencil and powder to gel and pomade.



As an alternative to brow makeup products in the market, microblading also reached beauty junkies' radar and has become immensely popular. Microblading is essentially semi-permanent face tattooing. It's been the buzzword in the beauty industry since last year, and up to now, women can't get enough of it even Hollywood celebrities like Helen Mirren who confidently posted a photo of on social media makeup-free but with her brows in place, pre-Oscar red carpet.

In an interview with Daily Mail, the actress said, "I was fed up of my brows barely being there and when one of my girlfriends got it done, I thought that they looked great. They're very lightly and delicately done—but it means that when I get up in the morning and I have no makeup on, at least I have eyebrows. It's made a huge difference."

Microbladed brows has two advantages: it can easily make your face look made-up and it can make you look younger with natural-looking brows that you can wake up with for one to two years. Yes, it may last that long when properly taken care of.   



Oscar night before

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This author tried out microblading (3D Elite Strokes) at Strokes by Momoi Supe, who is a master at what he does. Finding a skilled and reliable expert to do the process for you is key lest you'll find yourself raving about microblading gone wrong. I stepped in Strokes Beauty Studio with sparse, unruly eyebrows, and in just about a couple of hours, my brows, which I was obsessed to fixing with makeup every single day, underwent a dramatic transformation under the amazing hands of Momoi and his eyebrow shaper/senior artist Sean Clores and junior artist Camille Gacias. And that's not even the best way it could possibly look yet after the healing phase. "Mas gaganda pa 'yan once they heal," celebrity makeup artist Mickey See assured me.

True enough, I'm very happy with how my brows turned out. In fact, I can now step out of the house with only my beautifully arched brows and a few dabs of lipstick. It is life-changing. Whatever apprehensions I had about microblading were gone the moment I squeezed a selfie after the pigment was allowed to get absorbed by the skin. And as I've said, the best is yet to come.



At Strokes by Momoi Supe, there are different eyebrow services offered: 3D Classic Strokes (which offers simple hair strand patterns to perfectly frame the face and tame the brows), 3D Elite Strokes (which is said to be the most natural-looking eyebrow tattoo that has unique and complicated patterns following the natural hair growth of the brows), Ombre Strokes (an innovative technique that uses two to three shades of colors that fade into each other in a very smooth transition), 3D Powder Strokes (a combination technique of Ombre and Elite Strokes that has a powdery finish), and Old Tattoo Restoration (which can restore and bring back to life fading or poorly done eyebrow tattoos). They also offer 3D Male Brows! | Photos from @momoisupe 


Below are some misconceptions about microblading as well as reasons for why you should go for microblading now. 

If you're hesitant about trying it, read on and you may just find yourself dialing up Strokes to set an appointment. Mind you, though, they have a waiting list, so you might want to be quick with your decision-making. 




1. Misconception: It is painful. 

The idea of a "blade" being knifed against your skin can surely be scary. However, know that the tool being used for this process is not actually a blade. It's a pen-like tool with fine needles. Before the procedure begins, there is a numbing cream applied on and around the eyebrow areas so you won't feel any pain, or at least, the pain will become tolerable, depending on your pain threshold. A bit of a stinging skin sensation may be felt towards the last parts of the procedure as your brows are getting final touches but, for me, the discomfort was nothing compared to the promise and convenience of later having perfect brows like the stars'.



Do you think our interiors are Instagrammable? More than Insta-worthy interiors, our main comfort was to make our guests feel relaxed and pampered. We understand that you're tired from all your responsibilities-- that's why we do our best to take care of you! Oh, by the way, we have a new branch at Shangri-La Plaza in Mandaluyong City. We’d love to welcome you there! Reach out to our experts today. For inquiries please contact: Vertis North – Quezon City 09566770350 or 029463351 Or e-mail us Greenbelt 1 – Makati City 09167749497 or 029858227 Or e-mail us: Shangri-La Plaza -Mandaluyong City 09664636638 or 027302265 . . . #strokesbymomoisupe #keraliftph #keralushph #onfleek #kilay #kilayislife

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2. Misconception: It is hard to maintain.      

The ugly truth is that your brows will have scabs and get darker and thicker after the procedure. There's a 14-day healing period:

Day 1: You'll fall in love with your new brows, seeing it shaped to perfection without any makeup on.

Day 2-4: Your brows will become bolder, darker in shade and thicker than your preference. This is absolutely natural.  

Day 5-7: You'll see scabs, and may feel itchiness. Please, do not scratch your eyebrows or pull the scabs away. Just let them be. 

Day 8-10: After the scabbing, you'll see that certain parts of your brows may disappear, leaving you with patchy-looking brows.

Day 10-14: The scabs will be gone by this time, and all you're left with are beautiful brows with natural-looking strands of hair. 

The healing period requires dry healing for 48 hours. You can't swim for seven days. No sweating in the gym for the next three days. No makeup or anti-aging creams on your eyebrows on the next 14 days. There are also after-care instructions you should follow: application of after-care gel six times daily on the first week and three times daily on the second week, plus application of sunscreen gel as needed on the second week. 

These may all sound too much for you. But, as we tend to say these days, "Tiis-ganda!" Certain sacrifices have to be made to achieve greater results. Just wait it out. Don't be discouraged by the two-week healing period, because you can go through your daily routines as your brows heal. You need not take a leave from work, because your brows will not look as ugly as you thought they would. Just wear nice eyeglasses, and put some lipstick on.

After two weeks, your brows will not be a problem for you anymore. In fact, it will even save you so much time, because the time you used to spend on fixing your brows, you can now spend on more productive things. No more eyebrow makeup challenge in the car for me every day on the way to work! 

You will need to come back to the beauty studio to have your microbladed brows retouched around the sixth month, but again, doing so will give way to results that won't disappoint you. You may have to get used to people noticing and complementing your brows, too.    




3. Misconception: It is expensive. 

Yes, it is expensive. But if you change your perspective a bit by looking at how much you're spending on eyebrow products in a span of one to two years, then you'll realize that around P30,000 for two sessions is not bad after all.

Think of it this way, as actress Saorsie Ronan says, "If you don't have eyebrows, you don't really have a face." So, how much are you willing to pay to get a face that leaves a beautiful, lasting impression?



Photos from @momoisupe