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Moschino and Sephora Just Launched A Back-To-School Staples-Inspired Makeup Collection

If you can still remember, two years ago, Italian luxury fashion house Moschino collaborated with Sephora for a limited-edition, seven-piece collection of teddy bear-shaped makeup products—it’s so cute we can’t even! Here's a look back at the oh-so-cute collection:


Photo from ELLE Canada


This year, for the second time around, the powerhouse duo is back and they are bringing us a limited-edition makeup collection inspired by all your back-to-school staples. The line includes liquid highlighters in the form of highlighter pen markers, makeup removers that look like erasers, pencil-themed makeup brushes, nail polish in a white-out bottle, a laptop-style eyeshadow palette with 30 shades, and more. Now who's itching to go back to school?



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Fashion designer Jeremy Scott announced the collaboration a few weeks ago—and fans went wild. "I have super exciting news for my beauty fans... I created a new makeup collection for Sephora!!!”


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The photo itself is from the campaign and features a model with the school supply-inspired products laid out in front of her. He also added that it launches in two days—on April 25! In the meantime, check out the quirky products below: 

You’ll be able to exclusively purchase the product—whether just a couple of items or the while collection—online via Happy shopping!


Lead photos from Moschino