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The Most Gorgeous Korean Actresses To Turn To For Beauty Inspiration

Whether you are attending a special occasion or simply want to get dolled up for the day, these stunning Korean actresses will be your favorite pegs

South Korea is considered to be the skincare and beauty capital of the world. The Korean beauty products are globally famous for the impressive results they deliver. They constantly innovate and dictate the beauty trends and develop a cult following for them. There's a saying that good makeup starts with good skin, and the South Korean beauty industry cannot emphasize this enough with the efforts they've been exerting to prioritize skincare.

In South Korea, physical appearance is of utmost importance. The young ones are trained early on to take care of themselves. But all those efforts evidently pay off, and looking at these Korean actresses who are naturally beautiful easily proves it does.  

These female celebrities serve as great beauty inspirations, whether it be through photos of them in character for a project, their simple selfies, or their ad campaign photos.  


While Pinays' skin types or features may be different from those of the South Korean women, the main beauty takeaway one can get from them is that you need to take care of yourself. Looking good can be synonymous to feeling good. Invest in quality beauty products. Stick to a beauty routine that's suitable to you (just because your favorite actress follows a certain regimen doesn't mean it can work for you, too!).  

In an interview with Cleo, Song Hye-kyo, one of the most beautiful Korean actresses, shared how she maintains her clear skin: "When I'm filming or busy, I don't have a lot of time to take care for my skin. Skin exhaustion always lead to ageing skin, so... I use mask every day. And because I'm not young anymore, I try my best to exercise. From time to time, like many other women, I visit aesthetics clinics for treatments. Lately, compared to when I was young, I've been using more anti-ageing products."  

We listed down the most beautiful South Korean actresses. Get to know them in the gallery below: 

Lead photos from Dashing Diva via @management_soopSuecomma Bonnie via @kyo1122, and Daniel Wellington via @heybiblee