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You Too Can Get Eyelashes Like Heart Evangelista's. Here's How!

You've heard the line "kilay is life", but in this case—"kilay AS WELL AS pilik mata are life!"



We live in a day and age where women are free to experiment with their beauty and do whatever it takes to find their most confident self! Thank God for literally thousands of makeup and skincare products out in the market, as well as ground-breaking treatments and services available at any given day—we can achieve our prettiest selves! 

If buying a new tube of red lipstick is your weapon of choice, or dabbing on some highlighter on your cheekbones enables you to up your confidence points for the day, then so be it! For me though, having lush eyelashes is key. I admit—I'm challenged in the eye area as I was born with sparse brows and very fine eyelashes, so I do what I can to create bigger, fuller eyes on the daily.

On my makeup arsenal are the following: Matte brown eyeshadow, eyebrow pencil, eyebrow gel, black liquid eyeliner, an eyelash curler, and volumizing black mascara! I literally cannot live without these products every day, and lacking one of these makes my face feel "incomplete".

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I've come to realize lately though, that curling my lashes and adding even just a wee bit of mascara makes a difference, so when I found out about the wildly popular eyelash extensions salon New Lounge, I jumped on the chance to try the service myself. What's there to lose right? (Maybe some of my real eyelashes, but it's all good!)


New Lounge Alabang Branch


Worth the risk.

Some of the top misconceptions of getting eyelash extensions is that you will lose all your real eyelashes, or you won't be able to clean your eyes properly, or that it's too tedious to maintain. While some of these issues are valid up to some point, I say getting pretty takes effort! Why do we spend precious time in front of the mirror every day, right? All in the name of beauty!

Now to answer these misconceptions, read on for the lowdown on eyelash extensions. Get informed, and assess whether you're willing to take the risk or not!


1. Not all eyelash extensions are made equal. I'm sure you've seen those plastic-looking eyelash extensions (or falsies) that look rather fake when put on. Ladies—do yourself a favor and examine the material used before buying into those! At New Lounge, they pride themselves in using only the best "Sable Hair", a material that resembles real human hair, so you get only the best, softest, weight-free eyelashes! 


From L to R: Other brands use stiff plastic-like materials called "Synthetic Hair or Mink Hair", while New Lounge uses the softest "Sable Hair"


New Lounge eyelash extensions are cleaner, safer, more lightweight and is a "barely-felt" alternative. Whether you choose to put natural-looking lashes or full-on dramatic volume extensions, these lashes all have anti-bacterial properties that prevent the growth of bacteria while giving you that light and soft, natural fit with a volume-up effect. 


Some of the different eyelash options available at New Lounge


2. Your eyelashes, your style! This is not a one-size-fits-all situation. At New Lounge, you get to decide what looks good on you! You can try "Natural Volume" and choose from three kinds: curl / J curl, C curl, and Super curl; or the best-seller "Natural Volume Doll Eye"—a mix of three eyelash lengths that gives you the most natural look and finish. Others may opt for the "Cat's Eye" look which is a sexy finish that has longer lashes towards the outer eye. Watch out for yet another unique service they will soon offer this Feb to March: The lower lash extensions! Now that's something to look out for!



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3. Your eyelashes are only as good as the salon you get them from. At New Lounge, their services are definitely not cheap, with prices ranging from P2,500 to 3,500. You can perhaps argue that other salons offer similar services for way lower than this, but I beg you to consider the quality of the materials used and the skill of their technicians. New Lounge technicians all underwent training by an international trainer (a brand secret) that ensures each and every one of them is able to deliver stellar, safe results!



4. Having eyelash extensions on means putting in some effort. I personally needed to adjust a bit since having my lashes done, but not without good advise from my technician. I was told to stop using oil-based makeup removers and instead shift to water-based ones like Micellar water. I was not to wet my lashes for at least 24 hours after the procedure, and I was advised to avoid using liquid eyeliner to make sure my lashes stay in place for as long as possible. While I haven't found the need to use any sort of eyeliner since I got them, I found that putting on just a bit of eyeshadow already does the trick. On some days I even go bare—and I love it!

Going back for maintenance takes place every 2 to 3 weeks, depending on how well you take care of your lashes. By putting a little more effort, you get effortless-looking eyes! 



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5. New Lounge has a long list of celebrity fans! We already know that Heart Evangelista is a huge fan of New Lounge, and we are huge fans of Heart! Part of the reason why we were convinced to try this in the first place is because THE Heart Evangelista herself swears by it! She even had her lashes retouched when she was in China for a top secret project! The New Lounge team flew all the way to China to personally have Heart's lashes retouched to make sure her eyes look amazing even from miles away!



Other A-list fans of the salon AKA "lash dolls" include Jess Wilson, Sarah Lahbati, Solenn Heussaff, Nadine Lustre, Sue Ramirez, and Rachel Peters! Scroll through the gallery to see these ladies' perfect eyelashes!



Photos courtesy of New Lounge. For inquiries and appointments, log on here.