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No Time? No Problem! Here Are Vday Makeup Looks You Can Do In Under 10 mins

Wouldn’t it be wonderful to have all day long to get ready for a date? Unfortunately, not all of us have that luxury. And if you’re stuck at work and don’t have much time to get ready, here's how you can make sure you look your best, even without much time, and not enough makeup at hand.


Warm tones

Turn up the ante in this easy-to-do warm-toned look that can instantly set the mood and amp up any outfit. This is ideal for a day date, or a relaxed dinner setting!


No Makeup Look

We all know that achieving the no-makeup look is actually harder than it sounds, but this quick tutorial will help you get a natural makeup look in no time. Take note of the nuggets of wisdom in this video, and you'll master it on your next try!


Glowy Skin Look

Bring in the glow! This stunning makeup look will suit any Valentine's day plans, may it be a casual coffee date, or a fine dining set up. Carry the look over to the next days too, and we're pretty sure your beau won't complain!


Quick Smokey Eyes

Who would have thought that a smokey eye look could be this easy to achieve? Just follow this quick tutorial and you’ll be out the door in no time. Racoon eyes not included!


Lead photo via Into The Gloss