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Pia Wurtzbach's Makeup Artist Teaches Us The Right Way To Do Makeup For Tired Eyes

Holiday parties ending way past our bedtime, a little too much indulgence on alcohol, waking up the next day with less than eight hours of shuteye only to face a full day once again and head out to another party at night—does any of this sound familiar? 

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It comes as no surprise that this time of year takes a toll on all of us, and our outward apperance suffers along the way (now that's one thing no one wants!) While we should be keeping tabs on what we eat and how we move this time of year, it sure helps to know what to do so our faces still look great through the late nights and full days ahead!



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We turned to celebrity makeup artist Gery Penaso, best known for his work on Miss Universe Pia Wurtzbach, and countless other celebrities whose faces he transforms on a daily basis. Part of his client list are A-listers KC Concepcion, Bianca Gonzalez, Maxene Magalona, and Claudia Barretto. While he certainly does makeup magic for beauty queens like Pia, he also has a knack for giving these ladies' faces and most especially their eyes, a well-rested twinkle, something that his makeup skills can lend despite the hectic lives they lead!

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Here, Gery shares his top makeup tips for achieveing well-rested looking eyes through the power of makeup. Read on and find out how!



Gery urges us to "use a nude eyeliner to line your lower tear and lash line. Swap your dark eyeliner to light-colored ones, as this automatically widens and opens up your eyes." We've heard of Tyra Banks' advice about using white eyeliner to make eyes look well-rested, but nude eyeliner is something we surely have to try!

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Now if you're ready to move on from your lower lash line to the upper part of your eyes, do so by going for a bolder one. Gery shares that "thicker eyeliner or a bold eyeliner on the upper lid will draw the attention upwards. Avoid using dark eyeshadow on the lower lid as it will make you look tired and droopy." 

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If you're not the smokey eye type of girl, Gery says that another way to do it is to pair light eyeshadow with a bright pop of lip color! Now this is something pretty easier, and can easily glam up your look for daytime!

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Another important thing to remember according to Gery is to "conceal dark circles! It is a common mistake that we cover our dark circles with a lighter concealer. For you dark circles, use concealers with warm undertones instead of yellow tones to avoid an unwanted grayish tone around the eyes."

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And last but not least, Gery reminds us to give our eyes that extra brightening it needs by adding a "little extra mascara or false eyelashes!" 

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And below, a gallery of some of our favorite beauty looks created by Gery:



Lead photos from @gerypenaso. Interview by Red Dimaandal