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These Colorful Celebrity Makeup Looks Got Us Inpsired To Inject More Color For Pride Month

Ever since Miss Universe 2018 Catriona Gray went back home to pass on her crown, she’s been gracing us with stunning looks moment after moment. During the Binibining Pilipinas 2019 coronation night, Mak Tumang, the designer behind the reigning queen’s winning gowns, created another masterpiece inspired by the rare Philippine orchid, the Waling-Waling. Once again, Catriona left all of us in awe of how gorgeous she looked that day.


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But as we know, every look is not complete if not paired with the right makeup. Just like her gowns, Catriona and her makeup artist, Jelly Eugenio always make sure to deliver symbolic looks that will inspire the Filipinos.

“I am grateful to meet and be part of the journey of a queen who is passionate and compassionate, who is not afraid to speak, and has a real love for everyone no matter where they come from. A woman who truly values humanity at this point in time when we can tend to forget what it truly means to be human,” he says. “And as a proud member of the LGBTIQ+ community, I always aim to be a good role model for the younger generation, and I hope that through the little things I and my muses do, we can continue to inspire all of you to never stop chasing your dreams, always do your best and be a good person—value yourself, and value others.”


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For more beauty inspo, we talked to Jelly and here, he shared some of his top tips and tricks for achieving her pride-inspired makeup looks. Plus—we added more colorful makeup looks that you can steal from our favorite celebs! Let's have fun with color, shall we?

Lady in Red


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Catriona’s bold, red lipstick anchored her dramatic beauty look at the Binibining Pilipinas Charity Gala. To perfect this kind of look, Jelly said, “keep everything else minimal.” He also added, “The maximum I feel that you can do is a mixture of warm brown and gold eyes. Also, remember to not go overnboard with your blush, just make your skin very clear and glowing.”


Coral Shimmer


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If you need a little encouragement to finally go for the glitter trend, this look might just inspire you. And if you’re ready to shine on, here are Jelly’s glitter palette recommendations: “The best ones I have are from NARS, they have very, very good glittery textures. I also have good eyeshadow toppers from M.A.C Cosmetics. And lastly, I love shopping Korean brands—Innisfree, Tony Moly, 3CE, Banila Co.”


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Colorful Liner


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The secret to doing colored liner or adding any color to your look is to make sure that it’s balanced. “You should know where to focus, if you’re doing like a very hazy lower lash line, you need to make sure it still looks friendly. It doesn’t have to look scary.”


Crystal Eyes


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According to Jelly, for this look, he used actual crystals which came from nail artist, Mimi Qui Reyes. “I asked her if she has the smallest crystals that I can put on the eyes. Actually si Catriona wala s’yang idea. Nung nilabas ni Mimi Qiu, nagulat na lang s’ya.” Jelly says that the trick there is to stick them with eyelash glue and then mixed it with glitters for added texture. “Kasi if you just apply the crystals directly, it’s too obvious. That’s why I blended it with glitter, then the placement should be scattered.”


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Violet Gaze


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Next to brown, the purple eyeshadow look is becoming an in-demand makeup look these days. “The trick to doing this is to start building it very slowly so that you know how intense the color can be. You can do a subtle purple first, then finish your whole look gradually. But if you feel you can wear some more purple, then go ahead and add more.” Jelly also recommends to wear it with lots of pink, and a very nude peach lip color. 


For more beauty ideas to inspire your look for the rest of pride month and beyond, check out this gallery below:



Lead photos from @jellyeugenio and @patrickta