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Upgrade Your Makeup Skills With This Artist's Courses

New year, new skills!

Can you, for the life of you, not figure out what the difference is between contouring and bronzing? Let alone figure out what brontouring is. It seems like every month there’s a new trend buzzing in the beauty world: glass skin, mochi skin, and techniques that are resurrecting like the glazed brownie lips and inverted contouring. 

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It can be quite overwhelming when you’re just a casual lurker in the world of skincare and colored cosmetics. But, thankfully, there are more readily-available resources on the internet these days. Plus, there’s always your girl friends that you can ask anytime. But how do you narrow it down? Which video do you watch or what questions do you start asking your friends?

Well, we might have a solution for you. Professional makeup artist Booya of makeupbybooya has introduced an online course that you and your friends can attend online or in person (if you’re based in Bacolod). We had a chat with the pro herself to find out more about her classes–which include a beginner course and a refresher course.

Booya of makeupbybooya

How did you come up with the makeup classes? 

I strongly believe beauty is a life skill but makeup gets a bad rep because it's often misconstrued as vanity. However, just as it is helpful to know how to drive, cook, or write in our lifetime, learning proper makeup application equips individuals to present themselves well and confidently in the professional world. I want to equip beauty enthusiasts with the basic and advanced skills that they need and that’s how the classes started.

What happens in a class?

For the introduction, we do makeup and tools familiarization where the students learn how to use their products optimally. They then proceed to learn the specific areas of makeup from base routine to eye makeup, contouring, and lips. After the focused sessions, students do a full routine for everyday, corporate, and event makeup.


How do you think these classes have helped some of your clients? 

My students are mostly business owners, team leaders, or virtual assistants. I think the classes have helped them put their best foot forward for important meetings and presentations that require them to have a presentable appearance.

Do you think people are more inclined to explore beauty and well-being now more than ever? 

Yes! Especially with the rise of virtual meetings since the pandemic, more and more people have realized that they need to have at least the basic knowledge of makeup application to look professional.

How do you think taking a course is different from just watching videos on the internet? 

Makeup tutorials are mostly generalized education and it’s anchored on the needs and wants of the vlogger. On the other hand, personal makeup classes are geared towards catering the student’s skin type, facial structure, and preferences. Correction, refinement, and learning are also real-time during classes.


Has it been rewarding for you as a makeup artist to teach about your art? 

Seeing a student improve session by session and having their faces light up after overcoming a learning curve is incredibly fulfilling to witness.

Any standout feedback from clients?

It didn’t come in the form of words exactly. But one time I saw my student at a bar wearing winged liner and my jaw seriously dropped because prior to our classes, she didn’t know how to do it at all! She told me it took her an hour to draw her liner, but I was proud nonetheless. I still remember seeing her makeup that night so vividly. As a teacher, it warmed my heart!

Would you say it’s more enjoyable taking the class 1:1 or with friends? 

It’s really fun to take it with friends. They’ll be able to do makeup together or even practice on each other. Although 1:1 is also great for those who want in-depth discussion focused solely on their personal needs and preferences.


How can people book and what are the services? 

I have two types of classes: 7-Day Basic Makeup Class and Per Session Classes, and 7-Day Basic Makeup Classes - which covers Makeup & Tools Familiarization, Skin Prep, Base Makeup 101, Brows & Eyeshadow Work, Simple Makeup Routine (Day) and Full Glam Routine (Night). Per Session Classes - these are refresher sessions a student can take if they already have basic knowledge of the craft. Students may opt for in-person or virtual classes via Zoom. Those interested can book a class with me on Instagram. They can DM @MakeupByBooya or @StudioBooya.

Who would you recommend these classes to? 

Students and professionals alike! It’s a skill that comes in handy, especially in the corporate/business world.

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