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12 Life And Beauty Lessons According To Women Who Embody GRL PWR

For International Women's Month, Rustan's the Beauty Source brought together four power figures in the industry to shed light on issues about beauty, career, life, and everything in between. This is what they had to say!

We are in the middle of Women's Month, and one in celebrating women's triumphs, challenges, and wins is Rustan's the Beauty Source, as they recently held their 4-day Women's Month celebration entitled '#GRLPWR: Be The Change You Want To See'.

It started last March 5 at the Shangri-La Plaza Mall, opening with a beautiful setup for all the beauty and style aficionados in Manila. There were games, freebies, and treats for the attendees, as well as a talk hosted by Bianca Valerio, with powerhouse guests Karen Davila, Liz Uy, Bianca Gonzalez, and Rissa Mananquil-Trillo. What followed after that was a beauty masterclass with Issa Pressman, as she shared some of her top tips and tricks to getting her signature looks!


We're Joining These Power Women For #GRLPWR: Be The Change You Want To See

The highlight of the day was the interesting and thought-provoking talk from the GRL PWR panel, as they discussed things like beauty and fashion trends, balancing work and life, and many more issues that are crucial to women today. Ahead, we highlight some of their memorable quotes, ones that we will surely learn from and carry with us through the trying times to come. Scroll ahead!

Bianca Gonzalez, Liz Uy, Karen Davila, and Rissa Mananquil-Trillo Bianca Gonzalez, Liz Uy, Karen Davila, and Rissa Mananquil-Trillo

Karen Davila

Journalist & Advocate

"I always come prepared. I don't believe in winging it."

"Don’t make failure an option. Decide what kind of woman you are then everything will follow. When you make a decision, 'I am a woman / I am gifted / I’m a child of God / You are equipped', everything follows. It is already within you. So start with that! The universe listens to you."

"I'm a strong believer  of keeping old friends. Kailangan may magsasabi sayo ng totoo."

Karen Davila Karen Davila

Rissa Mananquil-Trillo

Co-founder—Happy Skin Cosmetics & Author

"There are no rules when it comes to makeup because you can wash it off. You wanna wear glitter or blue eyeliner? Go for it! You can wash it off. At least you tried it."

"Every time you make a beauty mistake, you are one step closer to finding your own style."

"I always credit my husband in whatever it is I accomplish. I would not be able to do what I do without his support and encouragement. A partner who accepts that you are a driven career woman is crucial."

Rissa Mananquil-Trillo Rissa Mananquil-Trillo

Liz Uy

Stylist & Entrepreneur

"[On style] If you won’t try, you won’t know. If you don’t feel like it, you can change it."

"In this age of hustling, you need to learn how to delegate. Ang hilig natin saako na lahat”. It doesn’t make you less of a superwoman if you can’t do everything."

"Know your priorities. You need to know what’s important. Focus on your top 3 and let go of some."

Liz Uy Liz Uy

Bianca Gonzalez

TV Host & Author

"Everything changes when you become a mom. So I wake up an hour before to have coffee quiet time. Every morning, I want to be able to enjoy a cup of coffee at a not rushed paced. I always prepare the night before."

"Always keep in mind that social media is not real life. It’s something we all know but forget at times. It’s always best foot forward, you post the highlights not the low moments, same with everybody else."

"When you feel heavy, take a break from social media."

Bianca Gonzalez Bianca Gonzalez

Check out the other scenes from the event: